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Title MASIF: Material growth on an atomic scale for the realization of different kind of junctions for advanced nanometer-scale devices
Period 01 / 2000 - unknown
Status Completed
Research number OND1286799
Data Supplier UT (METIS)


The need for smaller and faster devices pushed the material science up to the limit. It is already known that scaling of Silicon devices (gate electronics, memories) is limited by material and interface properties of the thin SiO2 gate dielectric. With the (re)discovery of the nitrides and oxides, including cuprates and manganites, there are new possibilities to achieve junctions with properties that can fulfill the future requirements for a wide range of applications. Key ingredient for a succesful application of these complex materials in multi-layer techniques is the controlled reproducible growth of these materials on top of each other. This requires a detailed understanding of their growth characteristics and mutual chemical and structural compatibility. For the development of novel nanometer scale devices based on interface properties (Spin-valve transistors, Mott transistors, Josephson junctions, 3-terminal devices, Gate electronics) the control on atomic level becomes of the utmost importance.
Several groups within MESA+ are working in this field. Their motivation is the different research programs is linked to a variety of applications. Examples are microelectronics, superconductivity, magnetism, and chemistry. The aim of this orientation is to combine the knowledge in different research groups and study the interface properties of complex materials related to their individual research programs. The increased co-operation and focus in research is expected to be very beneficial for MESA+ and the research groups. Combining the research activities of these groups in an orientation is essential to be succesful on a world level.

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Supervisor D.H.A. (Dave) Blank
Supervisor H. Verweij
Researcher A. Bousfia
Researcher Ir. P.J. Bouwman
Researcher G. Canil
Researcher Dr. M.A. Debowski
Researcher Drs. C. Feng
Researcher M.M. de la luz Garcia-Curiel
Researcher Dr. S. Golze
Researcher M.M. Gonzalez Cuenca
Researcher Drs. L.M. van der Haar
Researcher Drs. M.J.G.W. Heijman
Researcher Dr. M.A. (Mark) Hempenius
Researcher Ir. M.G.H.M. Hendriks
Researcher Ir. A.E. Herrera Erazo
Researcher Dr. C.W. Hoogendam
Researcher Ir. I. Korczagin
Researcher W.B.S. de Lint
Researcher Dr. W. Liu
Researcher Ir. B. Marton
Researcher F.H.B. Mertins
Researcher Ir. A. Oláh
Researcher M. Peter
Researcher M.T.N. Pham
Researcher T. Radosevic-Zivkovic
Researcher Dr. S. Ran
Researcher Ir. E.W.J. Romer
Researcher S. Roy Chowdhury
Researcher R. Schmuhl
Researcher Prof.dr. H. Schönherr
Researcher L.H.G.J. Segeren
Researcher J. Sekulic
Researcher Drs. A.V. Shovsky
Researcher Ir. G.I. Spijksma
Researcher E. Tocha
Researcher F. Vroegindeweij
Researcher Drs. F.C.M. Woudenberg
Project leader N.E. Benes
Project leader Prof.dr. H.J.M. Bouwmeester
Project leader A. Nijmeijer
Project leader Prof.dr. G.J. (Julius) Vancso
Project leader H. Verweij
Project leader Dr. W.E. van Zyl
Contact person Dr. J.W.A. van den Berg


D12600 Atomic and molecular physics
D13500 Physical chemistry
D14100 Materials technology
E16000 Nanotechnology

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