Effects of foraging management on ingestive behaviour, rumenfermentation...


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Title Effects of foraging management on ingestive behaviour, rumenfermentation and nutrient supply of dairy cows grazing mixed pastures intemperate regions of South America.
Period 06 / 2002 - unknown
Status Completed
Dissertation Yes
Research number OND1287829
Data Supplier METIS Wageningen Universiteit en Researchcentrum


General:1. To identify and understand the most important problems limiting performance of dairy cows in temperate grazing systems in uruguay. 2. To design, develop, test and optimise feeding strategies for high performance dairy cows under grazing conditions in Uruguay. Specific:1. To elucidate and understand the relation between ingestion behaviour and digestion processes in grazing dairy cows.2. To measure and evaluate rumen fermentation (pH, VFA and NH3) of grazing dairy cows, exposed to different grazing and supplementation strategies.3. To measure and evaluate patterns of ingestive behaviour (duration and moment of grazing sessions)4. To elucidate relations between the rumen environment (fill, kinetics and fermentation patterns) and ingestive behaviour: which signals make animals start or stop grazing in temperate pasture?5. To evaluate the nutrient supply of dairy cows under different grazing strategies.

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Supervisor S. Tamminga
Co-supervisor J. Dijkstra
Researcher D.A. Mattiauda
Doctoral/PhD student D.A. Mattiauda

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D18220 Animal husbandry
D21700 Physiology
E13000 Development studies

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