Organizational control systems and performance evaluation


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Title Organizational control systems and performance evaluation
Period 01 / 1991 - 08 / 2005
Status Completed
Research number OND1288715


Organizational control systems and performanceThe focus of thisresearch program is to analyse organizational control systems/mechanisms withrespect to the performance of the firm.Relevance of the programmeFacedwith an increasing degree of complexity and competition organizations feel astrong drive to improve efficiency, productivity and flexibility, which isbeing accompanied by measures to increase top-down coordination and control.However at the same time the increased complexity forces organizations toincrease autonomy, learning and self organizational capability at every levelof the organization, very often combined with measures aimed at delayering andremoving functional barriers between departments (see for example theintroduction of self managing teams, business process re-engineering etc.;Paauwe, 1994). The latter approach requires a lot of attention in the area oforganizational change, commitment, organizational learning and motivation. Soorganizations increasingly find themselves faced with the challenge ofcombining both formal and informal control mechanisms in order to be able tooperate effectively in a complex environment.Key objectiveTo analyse anddevelop new theoretical and applied insights with respect to various specificorganizational control mechanisms and how they relate to the structuring oforganizations and the performance of organizations, teams and/or individuals.More specifically the programme is aimed at the development/adaptation oftheoretical frameworks and/or diagnostic tools in the areas of corporategovernance, innovation-capability, quality, human resources and learning.Theoretical frameworks which link a variety of organizational controlmechanisms and interventions to both its organizational setting and subsequentperformance indicators as appropriate to the themes and issues beingstudied.The emphasis on performance related criteria reflects the embedmentof the program in the wider context of the performance evaluation program(RIBES).Theoretical background and methodologyAs far as the theoreticalbackground of the programme is concerned we can discern two different butinterlinked strands. On the one hand we have projects that are based oninstitutional and organizational economics (Williamson, 1981; Ouchi, 1980,using theoretical approaches like agency and transaction cost) and resourcesbased approaches (Barney, 1986, 1991; Peteraff, 1993), whereas on the otherhand a number of projects involve more psychological and organizationalbehaviour approaches in the areas of organizational and individual learning andhuman motivation (Schein, 1978, Hall and Mervis, 1995).The linkage betweenthese two theoretical strands reflects current practice as indicated in theprevious section.The various specific research topics that are the focus ofenquiry and analysis of this research program on organizational controlmechanisms and performance are:1 Human resourses/Organizational controlsystems and performance2 Corporate Governance/Organizational controlmechanisms in Management Buy-Outs3 Project Management4 Embedded systemsof corporate control5 Quality, assessment and continuous improvement a Managing for sustainable and permanent performance improvement b Theimpact of formalised quality and self assessment systems on organizationalstructure, internal and external relationships and performance c Can Small and Medium Enterprises improve their performances by using themanagement systems according to the ISO 9000 series standards and/orthe quality management models requirements? d Human Motivation inOrganizations6 Planning and control of innovation capability.

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Researcher K.S. Ayas
Researcher Dr. P.R. Beije
Researcher Dr. J. Bruining
Researcher Dr. L.H. Hoeksema
Researcher Dr. B.A.S. Koene
Researcher Dr. F. Koselka
Researcher W.J. Vrakking
Researcher A. van der Wiele
Project leader Prof. B.G. Dale
Project leader Prof.dr. J.P.M. Groenewegen
Project leader Prof.dr. D.N. den Hartog
Project leader Prof.dr. J. (Jaap) Paauwe
Project leader Prof.dr. E. van de Vliert
Project leader Prof.dr. D.M. Wright
Project leader Prof.dr. C.J. Zwart


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