Advanced Design Approach for Personalised Training - Internactive Tools ADAPTit


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Title Advanced Design Approach for Personalised Training - Internactive Tools ADAPTit
Period 01 / 2002 - unknown
Status Completed
Research number OND1288994


The central objective of ADAPT-IT is to produce ICT-based tools for training designers, embodying a validated training design methodology for personalised training that is based on cognitive science and which optimises the integrated use of ICT Training technologies. The ADAPT-IT training design methodology should be generic, and should meet the training design needs of training centres related to a wide variety of economical sectors. The objectives of ADAPT-IT are: - to create a harmonised training design tool for dealing with tasks requiring complex cognitive skills, - to focus on the skills needed for a particular task or series of tasks, - to ensure consistency in the application of training design, and - to support a personalised approach to learning. The achievement of these objectives will contribute to more efficient and effective training programmes by: - ensuring that the software tools are accessible to, and usable by operational designers, - avoiding training of redundant skills, and - ensuring that only relevant learning is undertaken.

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