Quantification and modelling of the sedimentological and morphological...


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Title Quantification and modelling of the sedimentological and morphological dynamics of tidal marshes in the Scheldt estuary
Period 01 / 2000 - 12 / 2003
Status Completed
Dissertation Yes
Research number OND1289312


[Context]: The role of marshes as (temporary?) storage zones of sediments along a gradient from freshwater to salt water is insufficiently understood. [Aim]: A better understanding of spatial and temporal variations in marsh sedimentation and erosion in the Scheldt estuary. [Methods]: Field measurement of suspended sediment, sedimentation rates, model development, airphoto interpretation.

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Supervisor Prof.dr. G. Govers
Doctoral/PhD student Dr. S. Temmerman


D15300 Physical geology
D15600 Hydrospheric sciences
D18140 Nature and landscape

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