Rural development in the mountain karst area of NW Vietnam by sustainable...


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Title Rural development in the mountain karst area of NW Vietnam by sustainable water and land management and social learning: its condition and facilitation
Period 12 / 1998 - unknown
Status Completed
Research number OND1289314
Data Supplier Website ICG


[Context]: The use of natural resources is often hampered by both a lack of knowledge of the functioning of the natural system and lack of insight into how natural resources are perceived and used by the population. [Aim]: Development of a co-ordinated methodology for the assessment and evaluation of a karst system in NW Vietnam and development of a participatory methodology for facilitating social learning for sustainable water management in karstic mountain areas in NW Vietnam. [Methods]: Field surveys of water-related features, social surveys, interviews.

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Project leader Prof.dr. G. Govers

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D15600 Hydrospheric sciences
D18120 Surfacewater and groundwater
D18140 Nature and landscape
D18200 Plant production and animal production
E13000 Development studies

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