Alexander the Great: a Muslim in disguise. An approach to unravel the...


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Title Alexander the Great: a Muslim in disguise. An approach to unravel the process of socio-cultural changes and intercultural interactions as reflected in the recently discovered Arabic Alexander Romance
Period 09 / 2003 - 08 / 2007
Status Completed
Research number OND1293283
Data Supplier Nederlandse Organisatie voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek (NWO)


This study focuses on the Arabic Alexander Romance. The Arabic Romance has not yet been studied, since it was considered lost. A recently discovered manuscript will be investigated and it will be shown that it represents a missing link in the transmission between the Syriac and the Ethiopic versions of the Alexander Romance. The characteristics of this text will be compared and interpreted in relation to other versions of the Romance in the Oriental Alexander tradition. The results of this investigation can form a basis for tracing parallel developments in the Western tradition. In short: this original project aims at bringing to the notice the Western and Oriental Alexander tradition through its contrasts and similarities, and particularly as a manifestation of a universally shared set of literary records and a common heritage in East and West.

Abstract (NL)

Niet alleen in het Westen, maar ook in de Oosterse geschiedenis is Alexander de Grote een bekend figuur. Uit een recent ontdekt manuscript halen de onderzoekers de overeenkomsten en verschillen tussen westerse en oosterse versies van zijn daden.

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D34100 Antiquity
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