Processes of Identity and Shifting Alliances in Kaleidoscoping Societies


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Title Processes of Identity and Shifting Alliances in Kaleidoscoping Societies
Period 01 / 1994 - unknown
Status Completed
Research number OND1293476
Data Supplier METIS Vrije Universiteit


Mission of the programme : The present programme is partially based on the previous research programme Global cultures and local identities but adds new elements. The new programme addresses the question how local actors form coalitions and alliances in order to cope with the challenges of deepening globalization. In addition, the new programme emphasizes the varied repertories of meaning called forth by the globalization process and from which local initiatives draw in order to construct separate identities. The central question of the research programme is: What cultural and social repertories do people use in negotiating new alliances and in identity formation? Organization of the programme This central question is subdivided in a number of sub-questions. The Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology focuses on those subquestions which elaborate on concepts like alliance and identity. Alliance will be studied in a multicultural context on different levels from local to global. Major challenges to human existence like the exhaustion of natural resources, urban poverty and local conflicts promote a desire for new alliances and new forms of cooperation. Research on identity concerns the ways in which people individually and collectively position and express themselves vis-à-vis these challenges and other people. On what cultural repertoires, like ethnicity, religion, gender and class, do people draw in order to give meaning to that identity, and how do they draw on identity in order to respond to challenges to human existence? The increased mobility and new forms of communication extend the repertoire at our disposal and influence the ways in which identities are constructed and re-defined. The research in the department of Culture, Organization and Management focuses on the issue of new forms of identification and shifting coalitions in organisations against the background of the paradoxes of late-capitalist society. The increasing permeability of boundaries within and without organisations and the emergence of transborder organisations is of particular interest. COM researchers address these matters in three separate but closely related research themes: 1. Shifting alliances and passing partnerships. 2. Identity formation and local management strategies in transborder organisations. 3. Technological chnage and organisational culture.

Abstract (NL)

Tot 31-12-2000 was dit onderzoeksprogramma getiteld 'Mondiale Cultuur en Locale Indentiteiten' (Global Culture Local Identities)

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Supervisor Prof.dr. M.M.G. Bax
Supervisor Prof.dr. A.F. Droogers
Supervisor Prof.dr. L.D. Meijers
Supervisor Prof.dr. H.J. Sutherland
Supervisor Prof.dr. J. Tennekes
Supervisor L.B. Venema
Supervisor Prof.dr. D.J. Winslow
Researcher Dr. E.W. Bal
Researcher Dr. E.A.C. Bartels
Researcher F.K. Boersma
Researcher Drs. G.K. Bos
Researcher Dr. C.H. Bras
Researcher Dr. L.A. Brouwer
Researcher Drs. A. Cil
Researcher Dr. A. Claver
Researcher Dr. F.J. Companjen
Researcher Prof.dr. H. Dahles
Researcher Drs. E.C. Dobbinga
Researcher Dr. S.J.T.M. Evers
Researcher Prof.dr. H. Ghorashi
Researcher Drs. A.E. Guzman
Researcher Drs. S. Hermsen
Researcher Dr. J.H.M. van den Heuvel
Researcher Drs. C.T.J. Hogema
Researcher Dr. R.A. Hummel
Researcher Dr. M.M.A. Kaag
Researcher Drs. M.J. Kamsma
Researcher Dr. F.H. Kamsteeg
Researcher S.F. Kingma
Researcher Dr. J.M. van der Klei
Researcher Drs. R.C.J. Klostermann
Researcher Dr. K.E. (Kim) Knibbe
Researcher Dr. J.B.M. Koning
Researcher Dr. M.J.M. de Koning
Researcher Dr. D. Kooiman
Researcher Dr. A. Koster
Researcher Drs. M.H.E. Lucas
Researcher Prof.dr. A.H. van Marrewijk
Researcher W.W. Nauta
Researcher Dr. P. Post
Researcher Dr. P. Quarles van Ufford
Researcher Dr. H.J. Raatgever
Researcher Dr. L. Reijn
Researcher Dr. I.H.J. Sabelis
Researcher Prof.dr. O.J.H.M. Salemink
Researcher Dr. A.J. Salman
Researcher R. Schouten
Researcher Drs. J. Schwerzel
Researcher Dr. F.J.M. Selier
Researcher Dr. M.J. Spierenburg
Researcher Dr. J.M. Stobbe
Researcher Dr. M.E.M. de Theije
Researcher Drs. A.D. Timmers
Researcher Dr. M.H.G. den Uyl
Researcher Dr. L.J. van der Veen
Researcher Prof.dr. M.B. Veenswijk
Researcher Drs. A.J.A. Veering
Researcher Dr. O.G.A. Verkaaik
Researcher Dr. P.G.A. Versteeg
Researcher Dr. P.G.A. Versteeg
Researcher Dr. S. Visscher
Researcher Dr. H. Wels
Researcher Drs. I. Yamazaki
Researcher Dr. S.B. Ybema
Researcher Dr. E. Zwart
Project leader Prof.dr. G.J. Abbink
Project leader Prof.dr. I.S.A. Baud
Project leader Prof.dr. W.C.J. Koot
Project leader Prof.dr. J. Tennekes
Project leader Prof.dr. D.J. Winslow


D63000 Cultural anthropology
E13000 Development studies

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