Biomechatronics and Rehabilitation Technology


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Titel Biomechatronics and Rehabilitation Technology
Looptijd 2000 - onbekend
Status Afgesloten
Onderzoeknummer OND1293617
Leverancier gegevens Website BMTI

Samenvatting (EN)

The study of movements, movement coordination and muscle functioning is crucial to understand the basic requirements of various orthotic and prosthetic medical aids. Robotics and virtual reality techniques are employed to improve rehabilitation perspectives of patients having problems with walking after a stroke. Interaction between the human body and medical aids for information exchange (neural interfacing), is becoming increasingly important. Progress in this field has created the possibility to design intelligent prostheses and orthotic systems that may adapt to the user's requirements and conditions of use.

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D14200 Werktuigbouwkunde
D21100 Bioinformatica, biomathematica

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