Religious identity formation of children and youngsters in family, school...


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Title Religious identity formation of children and youngsters in family, school and church in a plural society
Period 01 / 2003 - unknown
Status Completed
Research number OND1295209
Data Supplier Website NOSTER


During the last years I have concentrated in my theoretical and also empirical research especially on the interrelation between the identity of denominational schools, the identity of the educational professionals (in terms of normative professionality), and the process of identity development of pupils. The focus on the last issue has resulted in an extensive empirical project on faith development of young children in the transition from family to kindergarten. The leading domain theory in this project is the Bowlby-Ainsworth attachment theory; this project is intended to be continued in a longitudinal way. In the intended line of research I will focus on the religious biography of children and youngsters. With the exception of the more segregated groups, one can no longer speak of a standard religious biography in which there is religiously speaking a 1:1:1 correspondence between school, church and family. Concentrating on the development of what can be characterized as the religious choice biography, I want to get grip on the process in which - simultaneous and non-simultaneous - the eventual religious upbringing and education respectively in the family, the school and in the setting of a church play a constitutive role. Probably the influence of the peer group should also be taken into account.

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Project leader Prof.dr. S. Miedema


D33000 Theology and religious studies
D52000 Educational theory

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