The second and third generations of Dutch Eurasians: A qualitative...


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Title The second and third generations of Dutch Eurasians: A qualitative investigation of ethnic processes and integration
Period 01 / 1994 - unknown
Status Completed
Research number OND1295275
Data Supplier Website IMES


How have the different generations of Dutch Eurasians, and in particular the second and third generation, fared since their arrival or birth in the Netherlands, and which factors have affected these fortunes, according to those concerned? To what extent are members of different generations tied to their Eurasian background, and how do they express this? What role does intergenerational familial transmission play in the identification process, and which other factors are of influence? The project has been temporarily discontinued because of lack of funding.

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Researcher Dr. M.H. de Vries
Project leader Prof.dr. M.J.A. Penninx
Project leader Prof.dr. C.J.J. Vermeulen

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D61000 Sociology
D63000 Cultural anthropology

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