Life-courses, Family and Labour


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Title Life-courses, Family and Labour
Period 01 / 2003 - unknown
Status Current
Research number OND1296370
Data Supplier Website N.W. Posthumus Instituut


This program addresses the developments in population and family from the early modern age until the present. On the basis of demographic research, three phases of demographic development have been distinguished for Western Europe: successively a Malthusian, an intermediate and a neo Malthusian phase. Between the 18th and 20th century population control in this part of the world changed from nuptiality restriction into birth control. The key questions within the program refer to this process and the differences in this respect between social classes, religious denominations, regions and parts of the world. The coherence in the group predominantly is the result of the focus on the life course and the use of the life course perspective

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Project leader Prof.dr. H.A.J. Bras


D61000 Sociology
D69000 Gender studies
D70000 Economics and Business Administration

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