Transformation from centrally planned Economies


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Title Transformation from centrally planned Economies
Period 01 / 2001 - unknown
Status Completed
Research number OND1296388
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The research focuses upon the transformation from centrally planned to market economies in Central and Eastern Europe. Transformation is perceived as a switch from one system to another, which has to be distinguished from reforms within a system. As far as Central and Eastern Europe since the collapse of communism in 1989 is concerned, the agenda of economic transformation consists of macroeconomic stabilisation, liberalisation of trade, production and prices, microeconomic restructuring and institution building. His research consists of a theoretical and an empirical component. As far as theory is concerned, he is particularly interested in the underpinnings of the process of transformation from different schools of thought. In his research, the intertwining of political and economic reform is pivotal. The crucial question is if models that operate elsewhere in the world are transferable and, if yes, to what extent they function appropriately. To what extent lessons can be drawn for developing countries. His empirical research addresses the process of regional blocs of integration. He pays attention to regional economic integration in Central Europe as a precondition for entry into the European Union.

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Project leader Prof.dr. H.W. Hoen
Project leader C.J. Jepma
Project leader Dr. G.J. Lanjouw
Project leader Prof.dr. A. (Arjen) van Witteloostuijn

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