Comparative Research on Management Styles in Africa and the Western World


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Title Comparative Research on Management Styles in Africa and the Western World
Period 01 / 2003 - unknown
Status Completed
Research number OND1296391
Data Supplier Website CDS


Since the remarkable quality revolution which has been generated by Japanese business firms in the eighties, the American management literature started to admit that the American management approach was not universally applicable. Cultural differences were perceived as an explanation for the heterogeneity of business systems. With the upswing of the European union in the 1990s even European authors started to wonder about a European management model that would differ from the American and Japanese approaches. This development has led to interesting publications about management styles and their effect upon the proper functioning of companies. A small offspring of this debate has been the question concerning the African situation. In South Africa, some authors have introduced the term ubuntu to identify a typical African management approach. The purpose of our research is to study the African management practices in Burkina Faso and to identify a Burkina management style. We will compare the African practices with European ones to better understand mechanisms of divergence and convergence in the field of management knowledge.

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Researcher Dr. B.J.W. Pennink
Project leader Prof.dr. L. Karsten


D70000 Economics and Business Administration
E13000 Development studies

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