Grammar and Interpretation


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Title Grammar and Interpretation
Period 01 / 2004 - unknown
Status Completed
Research number OND1297775
Data Supplier Website OTS


Essential to further progress in linguistics is the careful investigation of the relation between the linguistic system and systems of use. The boundaries between the systems underlying phonology, syntax, and semantics on the one hand, and pragmatics, processing, information structuring on the other, can no longer (if ever) be taken as à priori given, but are themselves object of empirical investigation, as is the way they interact and the mechanisms governing their division of labor. This research project specifically addresses the following questions: How is knowledge of meaning structured and represented? What evidence is there for a cognitively autonomous semantic component, distinct from syntax and world knowledge? How do syntactic, semantic, discourse patterns and communicative requirements interact in production and interpretation? In line with this the program consists of two research areas: linguistic phenomena that can only be explained by taking several linguistic levels into account because they function at an interface of the "traditional" components of linguistic knowledge: syntax, semantics, pragmatics/discourse. The study of such phenomena provides insight into the way linguistic knowledge is organized. The processing of linguistic indicators that direct the dynamic, incremental process of discourse interpretation, by means of experimental research on language processing.

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Project leader Prof.dr. T.J.M. Sanders

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D36000 Language and literature studies

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