Meat, milk and eggs; analysis of animal food environment relations


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Title Meat, milk and eggs; analysis of animal food environment relations
Period 02 / 2002 - 09 / 2009
Status Completed
Dissertation Yes
Research number OND1297990


This PhD-research is part of the FIDES project (Food Information as a DEterminant for Sustainability) which again is part of the ZonMw program "Verantwoorde Voeding". This research focuses on the impacts of the animal protein production and consumption. Animal proteins can be produced in quite different systems (intensive- extensive, meat fish). The environmental impacts of these systems are not always known or the information is provided by an inner circle and is therefore often mistrusted. This research will provide knowledge on the environmental impacts of food consumption patterns. With this knowledge a method will be developed that can be used as a tool both for consumers, producers and government to decrease the environmental impact of food. Different production systems will be evaluated on risks and trade-offs and improvement options will be identified. The system optimisation will be carried out within the framework of the ecological, social and economic sustainability criteria of Brundtland.

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Supervisor Prof.dr. H.C. Moll
Supervisor Prof.dr. A.J.M. Schoot Uiterkamp
Doctoral/PhD student Dr. E.V. Elferink


D18210 Agriculture and horticulture
D24300 Nutrition
D70000 Economics and Business Administration
E15000 Environmental studies

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