Implications of EU law on the Hungarian constitutionalism


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Title Implications of EU law on the Hungarian constitutionalism
Period 01 / 2004 - unknown
Status Completed
Dissertation Yes
Research number OND1298899
Data Supplier Onderzoeker


The research aims at analysing the constitutional adaptations and sub-constitutional amendments and other changes, including those in constitutional practices, in the light of the Hungarian membership of the EU, that took or should take place in order to enable that country to participate successfully in the European integration process. The research is divided in two major parts. The first focuses at the transformation of (sub-)constitutional texts and practices in order to smooth the participation of Hungary in the decision-making processes on European level. This will include the preparation of decisions at national level, the representation of interest and the actual participation in actual decision-making. In other terms, it will approach the issue from the perspective how to channel effectively Hungarian participation from the national level to the EU level. The second part turns towards a different perspective, which is in fact an opposite one. It will analyse how the constitution should provide for channels for the domestic application and implementation of measures, norms rules, decisions etc. made on European level.

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Supervisor A. Prechal
Doctoral/PhD student Dr. T. Takacs


D41600 International law
D42000 Political and administrative sciences

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