VLAG3-A2 New process principles and production systems


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Title VLAG3-A2 New process principles and production systems
Period 01 / 2004 - 01 / 2010
Status Completed
Research number OND1299151
Data Supplier METIS Wageningen Universiteit en Researchcentrum


Both the synthesis of ingredients and, for example, the effective fractionation or refining of agro-feed stocks and the structuring of products, can be only realized by developing effective and efficient production systems (reaction and separation), single or in cascade. New opportunities offered by the emerging areas of (bio)nano- and microtechnology will be explored. Additional research will be carried out on developing production chains or networks with improved sustainability and/or product functionality, safety and integrity.

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Project leader R.M. Boom

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D21300 Biochemistry
D22100 Microbiology
D24300 Nutrition
E11000 Biotechnology

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