Innovative ability of the facility management teams


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Title Innovative ability of the facility management teams
Period 04 / 2003 - 09 / 2005
Status Completed
Dissertation Yes
Research number OND1299401
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In recent years, there has been an enormous growth in facility management (FM) activities worldwide, resulting in a diverse and highly competitive marketplace of FM contractors, in-house FM teams, FM suppliers, FM consultants, and professional FM institutions. There has also been a significant shift towards the outsourcing of facility and real estate services in both public and private sector. By outsourcing the non-core activities, the management of the client organization can focus on their core business. Cost, quality, motivation, flexibility, and availability of skills are all practical reasons why outsourcing may work to the core business advantage of the organization. The management of the organization decides whether the facility management tasks will be managed by the FM team that is directed in-house or an external (outsourced) FM team that is directed by a maincontractor company. As facility executives outsource more, they need to look for innovative ways to maximize the performance of their contractors, to provide a high level of customer service, and to minimize unnecessary administrative paperwork and non-productive contractor oversight. The focus is on the similarities and differences between the outsourced FM teams and in-house FM teams in the use of implementation mechanisms when carrying out innovation projects. The experience from the FM field and also the preliminary study indicate that the FM main contractor organizations are more innovative than their in-house counterparts, at the organizational level. To better understand the situation in the field, the attention is paid to the implementation mechanisms of the FM project teams, who are the ones to carry out the innovation projects and are in direct contact with the management, users, and service providers. Therefore, within this research project the focus is on the innovative ability of the FM teams with respect to the use of implementation mechanisms, when carrying out an innovation project. The main objective of this research project is to develop a scientific knowledge on the innovative ability of the in-house and outsourced FM teams from the perspective of the implementation mechanisms. More specifically, the objectives are as follows: to establish an understanding of the use of implementation mechanisms by the FM project teams when carrying out an innovation project, to construct a developmental model of the innovative ability of FM team in the FM industry, and to develop a tool for assessing the innovative ability within the FM industry at a team level. The output of this research project intends to contribute to the theory of organizational innovation by developing an assessment tool of innovative ability in FM industry at the team level. The practical relevance of this research project is in establishing an innovative ability standard based on the best practice amongst the FM organizations teams.

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Supervisor Prof.dr. S.W.F. Omta
Supervisor A.F.G.M. van Wagenberg
Co-supervisor Dr. E.F.M. Wubben
Project leader Dr. E.F.M. Wubben
Doctoral/PhD student T. Mudrak

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