Meditation practice: The passion meditations of Henry Suso


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Title Meditation practice: The passion meditations of Henry Suso
Period 07 / 2004 - 10 / 2008
Status Completed
Research number OND1300395
Data Supplier Website Onderzoekschool Mediƫvistiek


The passion of Christ is probably the most important subject of meditation in the Low Countries of the fourteenth to the sixteenth century. Numerous passion-meditations figure in the more than 10.000 Middle Dutch religious manuscripts from this period. The Hundred articles of the passion of the Dominican friar Henry Suso is one of the most wide-spread texts on the subject: more than two hundred manuscripts survive with one of the more than ten different versions of this meditation-text. The text is intensively used in meditation. In meditation instructions from this period repeatedly attention is paid to meditation on the passion in general and sometimes to the Hundred articles in particular. In my research I study the text development of the different versions of Suso's Hundred articles against the background of existing meditation habits and meditation instructions. In this way we get a glimpse of the mutual influence of de meditation practise and the meditation text.

Abstract (NL)

Voor vijftiende-eeuwers was het lijden van Jezus zo belangrijk dat religieuzen er dagelijks over mediteerden. Hoe de verschillende religieuze groeperingen dit deden, wordt onderzocht aan de hand van de bewerkingen van de belangrijkste meditatietekst, de Honderd artikelen van Henricus Suso.

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Project leader Dr. J.J. van Aelst


D33000 Theology and religious studies
D36300 Germanic language and literature studies

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