Gender, Diversity And Research: Educational Implications


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Title Gender, Diversity And Research: Educational Implications
Period 03 / 2003 - 03 / 2006
Status Completed
Research number OND1301805
Data Supplier Website NOV


The project will map and contextualize the core frameworks, concepts, methodologies, pedagogies, organizational models and criteria for excellence, used in current Women's, Gender and Diversity Studies PhD programmes at the partner universities. The purpose is to create a platform for a joint, interdisciplinary Women's, Gender and Diversity Studies Ph.D. training programme that combines a comparative European and transnational scope with a carefully monitored sensitivity to local differences and sociocultural diversity and to the counteracting of social exclusion along the lines of power differentials, based on gender, race, class, sexuality and other diversity indicators. Special attention will be given to South-North-East-West dialogues as well as to dialogues between Women's, Gender and Diversity Studies in the humanities and the social sciences. The idea is to create new synergies via such cross-national and cross-disciplinary dialogues. An additional aim is to reflect on competencies and criteria for excellence in Women's, Gender and Diversity Studies, and how these can relate to changes brought about by the emerging knowledge society.

Related organisations

Secretariat Genderstudies (UU)

Related people

Project leader Prof.dr. R. Braidotti

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D52000 Educational theory
D61000 Sociology
D69000 Gender studies

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