Het verhogen van de prestaties bij efficiënte opslag


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Titel Het verhogen van de prestaties bij efficiënte opslag
Looptijd 03 / 2004 - 10 / 2008
Status Afgesloten
Dissertatie Ja
Onderzoeknummer OND1302139
Leverancier gegevens Website TRAIL

Samenvatting (EN)

Storage strategy has great impact of warehouse performance. Compared to static storage strategy, where the product locations are fixed during the order picking process, dynamic storage is a storage method which has the potential to enhance warehouse performance to a degree that can not easily be achieved by static storage methods. In dynamic storage strategies, products are assigned to forward pick locations depending on time and need. This Ph.D. project focuses on the effects of dynamic storage on warehouse performance.

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Promotor Prof.dr. M.B.M. de Koster
Promovendus Dr. M. Yu


D70000 Economie en bedrijfskunde

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