Determinants of Dialectal Variation


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Title Determinants of Dialectal Variation
Period 01 / 2003 - unknown
Status Completed
Research number OND1302184
Data Supplier Meertens Instituut


Techniques for assessing the linguistic distance between the pronunciation of Dutch dialectal varieties have been shown to be consistent and valid in adducing classifications for which expert consensus exists. The current project wishes to extend these results to Dutch lexis (vocabulary) and syntax and to German pronunciation and finally, to examine quantitative models that seek to account for the variation through dialect area (tribal history), geography and/or settlement size.

Abstract (NL)

Onderzoek gericht op het ontwikkelen van een maat voor geografische, syntactische variatie, het toepassen van deze maat op de Nederlandse dialecten in de SAND-database en het op kwantitatieve wijze verkennen van syntactische correlaties.

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Supervisor Prof.dr. H.J. Bennis
Supervisor J. Nerbonne
Researcher Dr. W.J. Heeringa
Project leader Prof.dr. L.C.J. Barbiers
Project leader Prof.dr. H.W.H. Niebaum
Doctoral/PhD student Dr. M.R. Spruit


D36300 Germanic language and literature studies

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