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Looptijd 01 / 2004 - 12 / 2008
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Samenvatting (EN)

The scale of climate change predicted by general circulation modelling for Europe in the future could have significant impacts on the attainability of remediation targets for fresh waters currently being set by environmental decision makers within Europe, locally, nationally and internationally. This project will consequently be of interest for Environment Agencies, Conservation Bodies, local stakeholders for rehabilitation, National environment agencies charged with the implementation of EU Directives on water quality, especially the WFD and National government environment ministries with responsibility for UN-ECE protocols on transboundary air pollutants, the Kyoto Protocol on greenhouse gases and other international treaties including the Convention on Wetlands (Ramsar), the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) and the Convention on Sustainable Development (CSD) as well as EU organisations including the EEA (Copenhagen) and DG XII (Brussels) and NGOs with campaigning interests in biodiversity, air and water pollution and global change. Doelstelling(en):Under the new EU Framework 6 programme this large integrated research project is trying to assess the effects of future global change on Europe s freshwater ecosystems. The project is amongst others relevant to the EU Water Framework Directive and its implementation, and to other European directives , especially on climate change. It will include the following elements: - Direct impacts of climate change - Climate - hydromorphological interaction - Climate - eutrophication interactions - Climate - acidification interactions - Climate - toxic substances interactions - Modelling climate - freshwater ecosystem interaction at the catchment scale - Climate change and indicators of freshwater ecosystem health - Implications of climate change in defining reference conditions and restoration targets - Developing a decision-support system to advise users and stakeholders - Training and workshops
Activities 2004:
1. A review of the Vecht (Ov) study catchments (existing lake, river and wetland data) 2. A review on existing information on key taxa and functional groups relevant for the Vecht study catchments 3. A design of a sampling framework for monitoring at the habitat scale 4. Identification of data sources, categories of indicator values and acquisition of autecological data 5. Establish reference conditions and restoration targets for the study area Results 2004:
1. Review of all existing data of the river Vechte (Ov.) 2. A sampling/monitoring design for field study at habitat scale 3. Start of data-collection on indicator taxa 4. Overview of reference conditions and restoration targets for the study area
[Activities in 2005]:
1. Completion of the review of the Vecht (Ov) study catchments
2. Sampling to establish habitat-macroinvertebrate relationships
3. Experimental design for habitat scale tests
4. Sampling to establish macroinvertebrate-discharge relationships
5. Setup and sampling re-meandering/reforestation experiment
6. Use of reference conditions as targets in restoration and success factors in restoration
7. Start-up of study on eutrophication-temperature regime-macroinvertebrate distribution in streams
8. Extension of the indicator list
[Expected products in 2005:]
1. Review of the Vecht (Ov) study catchments
2. Sampling and field measurements results
3. Experimental set-up manual
4. Field protocols
5. Indicatorlist

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