BO-10-400-VI Supply chains in EU accession countries


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Title BO-10-400-VI Supply chains in EU accession countries
Period 01 / 2003 - 12 / 2006
Status Completed
Research number OND1303094


This programme evolved from a workshop which was held in October 2002 in Prague with representatives of four pre-accession countries, viz., Poland, Hungary, The Czech Republic and Slovenia. The workshop was held at the request of the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature Management and Food Safety to assess the implications of accession of these countries on policy and research, with special emphasis on Temperate Zone fruit and field vegetables. This workshop resulted in a report identifying topics of common interest, where co-operations between the Netherlands and pre-accession countries could be mutual beneficial.
By identifying these common interests of pre-accession countries and The Netherlands, a sound foundation for a programme on sustainable and competitive agricultural supply chains in pre- and post- European Union accession countries , was laid.
The ultimate goal of the current programme is the development of sustainable and competitive agricultural production chains in pre-accession countries, which is pursued through capacity building on research, training, extension and institutions.
The programme EU Access is directed at relevant local initiatives and organisations which are strengthened by means of knowledge transfer and exchange of information, training, networking, execution of joint projects and co-operation with organisations in the Netherlands.
Potential users of results:
Programme activities are directed at key-players in the pre-accession countries involved in agricultural production chains, such as - among others - government organisations, producers organisations, product boards, distribution and retail organisations operating at a national or European Union level, private companies involved in agri-business, local research institutes, extension service, certification organisations, local farmers organisations and farmers.
Relevant keywords:
European Union, pre-accession, sustainable agriculture, organic farming, food safety, competitive and sustainable supply chains, capacity building, transfer of knowledge, post-accession, trade and business development, public private co-operation.

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Abstract (NL)

[Doel] Doel is het ontwikkelen van duurzame en competitieve agroketens in landen die op korte termijn tot de EU zullen toetreden (pré-accessie landen van de EU), te realiseren via investeringen in onderzoek, training en instituties, in samenwerking met Nederlandse (keten)partners.
[Resultaten] Beoogde kennisproducten van het programma zijn het stimuleren van locale initiatieven en organisaties, gericht op bovengenoemde doelstelling, via kennis- en informatieoverdracht, training, netwerken, gezamenlijke projecten, internationale (keten)samenwerking etc.

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Project leader A.P. Everaarts

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