Development and training of Producers' Organisations in pre-accession countries (PRODUCER)


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Titel Development and training of Producers' Organisations in pre-accession countries (PRODUCER)
Looptijd 01 / 2003 - onbekend
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Onderzoeknummer OND1303096


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Samenvatting (EN)

[Long-term objectives:] The project is expected to contribute to: The institutionalisation of Producer Organisations (PO) in the new European Union member states that meet the standards of the EU to undertake the roles and responsibilities in line with the changing market policy of the EU. The development of sustainable market-oriented agriculture in the new EU-member countries.
The policy of the Dutch government with respect to pre-accession countries, formulated in the strategic policy document LNV & Pre-accessiesteun Midden Europa.
[Short-term objectives:] In order to achieve the above mentioned objectives the project will produce the following results:
The prevailing needs for training, support, advise and institutional strengthening of (starting) producer organisations in pre- accession countries have been identified.
Capacity building programmes to strengthen the formation and development of effective Producers Organisations have been developed in line with the identified needs and potentials.
The capacity building programmes are implemented and evaluated by the project partners.
Network of PO s, including selected PO s from The Netherlands, are established to exchange information and experiences leading to a continued strengthening of the PO s in the EU.
[Purpose:] By the end of the project the following will have been achieved:
Partner organisations in the pre-accession states will have adequate capacity and experience to promote the formation and development of effective Producer Organisations in line with EU Directive 412/97.
[Methodology:] The project will be conducted in four years from 2003 to 2006. During the first year, 2003, the following four activities will be focussed upon:
(1) Identification of the potential partners in the participating countries In close collaboration with the partners in the pre-accession countries the most important contacts and networks for the implementation of the subsequent research activities will be identified.
(2) Quick scan of the existing, starting and planned producer organisations in the participating countries, focus on the fruit and field vegetable sector.
This activity will provide:
(a) an overview of the actual situation of the PO s in the different countries and,
(b) an inventory of needs for technical and institutional support of the (starting) PO s.
(3) Decision about the three pilots The results of the quick scan must lead to three pilots. The choice of these pilots is an important part of the project, because the training programmes will be developed for and based on the needs of these pilots. The choice must be made in accordance with the participating countries. The pilots must be three PO s in a different stage of development: starting, just started and already working but no longer developing.
(4) Start of programme for institution building development At the end of the first year (in January/February 2004) a seminar will be organised to discuss the choice of the pilots and to make a start with the development of the training programmes. Depending on the needs of the three PO pilots the programme will contain training, coaching, extension services and / or institution building.
During the second year (2004) the activities will be focused on:
(1) Workshop In the beginning of the year a workshop will be organised, probably together with the project Organics , for the partners in the pre-accession countries. The choice of the pilots and the results of 2003 about the needs for the programme will be discussed.
During the third year (2005) the activities will be focussed on:
(1) Implementation of the second part of the pilot programmes In 2004 the three pilots were started: (i) national workshops in the participating countries, (ii) a pilot quality in Poland and (iii) a pilot organisation development in Czech Republic/Slovak Republic. In 2005 these programmes will be continued and adjusted according to the experiences.
(2) Manuals and handouts of the pilots In order to make the experiences of the pilots available for others, manuals and handouts will be produced.
(3) First monitoring results of the pilot programmes To be able to see the results and the effectiveness of the programmes the pilot po s will be monitored to record the effects of the pilot programmes.
(4) Start of the networking of PO s between the participating countries and The Netherlands. This activity will be started in 2005, in order to have twinned PO s in 2006.
The activities in year four (2006) depend on the results of the activities in the first three years.
Division of tasks per project partner in 2004 and 2005 APR: Participation in programme. Project leadership, development and execution of project. Preparation of workshop. Development of and participation in training programme. Monitoring of pilots. Assistance in finding funds for the partners. IAC: Participation in workshop and its organisation. Development and execution of training programme. Project partners: Participation in programme, contribution to and participation in pilots. Transfer of knowledge to stakeholders.
*Seminar with the partners.
*Training-Capacity building programmes including manuals, hand outs on different subjects developed and implemented

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Projectleider Ir. M.J. Groot

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