Novel materials - assessing the potentials for reducing environmental...


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Title Novel materials - assessing the potentials for reducing environmental impacts and for implementation in society
Period 10 / 2004 - 10 / 2008
Status Completed
Dissertation Yes
Research number OND1304206
Data Supplier Website SENSE


During the last 10 years, vast progress has been made in research, development and commercialisation of novel materials. Of particular importance are novel materials produced by applications of biotechnology and nanotechnology, with a focus on the major aspects of the biotechnological production of bulk chemicals and chemical intermediates from renewable raw materials in the medium and long term (until 2050).

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Supervisor Prof.dr. K. Blok
Co-supervisor Dr. M.K. Patel
Doctoral/PhD student Drs. B.G. Hermann

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C10000 Biotechnology
C50000 Environmental studies
D14100 Materials technology
D14500 Chemical technology, process technology

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