Nowcasting for operational water management using reduced hydrological...


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Title Nowcasting for operational water management using reduced hydrological models and data assimilation
Period 09 / 2003 - 09 / 2007
Status Completed
Research number OND1305096
Data Supplier Website ICG


Context: water management and hydrology. Aim: Building a system for optimal prediction of hydrological variables (soil moisture, groundwater, discharge, soil temperature) at high resolution by combining hydrological models with ground-based and remote sensing observations in a data assimilation framework. Accurate high-resolution predictions of hydrological variables provide valuable information for operational water management. Methods: geostatistics, numerical modelling, field observations, data assimilation. Present topics: conditional downscaling of radar data.

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D11800 Numerical analysis
D15600 Hydrospheric sciences
D15700 Geodesy, physical geography
D18120 Surfacewater and groundwater

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