reinFOrcing CompUter Science (FOCUS)


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Title reinFOrcing CompUter Science (FOCUS)
Period 11 / 2004 - unknown
Status Completed
Research number OND1305706
Data Supplier NWO / CISTRANA


Aim of the FOCUS programme is to scout and educate talented computer scientists. It aims at strengthening the medium-level research potential (postdocs, assistant professors, technical and programming staff) who are carrying out research in the four themes of the Dutch National Computer Science Research Agenda (NOAG-i): Algorithms and Formal Methods (AFM), Intelligent Systems (IS), Modelling, Simulation and Visualization (MSV) and Parallel and Distributed Computing (PDC). FOCUS is part of the consortium programme BRICKS (Basic Research in Informatics for Creating the Knowledge Society), a six-year programme partially funded by the Dutch BSIK theme ICT (Information and Communication Technology) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

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Contact person Dr. M. Kas


D16100 Computer systems, architectures, networks
D16200 Software, algorithms, control systems
D16300 Theoretical computer science
D16600 Artificial intelligence, expert systems
D16700 Computer graphics
D16800 Computer simulation, virtual reality

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