Practical Approaches to Secure Computation


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Title Practical Approaches to Secure Computation
Period 10 / 2005 - 10 / 2008
Status Completed
Research number OND1306151
Data Supplier Website STW


Our proposal focuses on cryptographic primitives and methods which do not yet belong to the standard toolkit of the security engineer, as opposed to methods for establishing private or authentic channels. We strongly believe that there is now a need to further strengthen the efforts to modernise the existing and very well traveled bridge between cryptography research and the real world, so t across it. It is especially worthwhile when this concerns tools that enable enhanced security levels or new security sensitive applications that could t m standard security tools. Our proposed project intends to contribute in that d Concretely, in this proposal we apply this philosophy to elements from the area of Secure Computation, a very broad, active and fundamental field of irection. ┬Žore security tools of a fundamental nature can be transferred.

Abstract (NL)

De onderzoekers willen een brug slaan tussen het cryptografische onderzoek en de "echte" wereld zodat fundamentele security tools ook gebruikt gaan worden. Cryptografische methoden en technieken die nog niet tot de standaard gereedschapskist van de security engineer behoren zijn een belangrijk onderdeel van dit onderzoek.

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Project leader Prof.dr. R.J.F. Cramer

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Funding Programme Sentinels


D11100 Logic, set theory and arithmetic
D16100 Computer systems, architectures, networks
D16200 Software, algorithms, control systems

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