Protocols for secure infrastructure and e-commerce


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Title Protocols for secure infrastructure and e-commerce
Period 09 / 2004 - 09 / 2009
Status Completed
Research number OND1306260


We aim at developing a system and a methodology for the engineering of provably secure (multicast) negotiation protocols. We have to develop the theoretical foundation for handling the multicast and negotiation aspects and furthermore implement a tool for the specification, prototyping and verification of such protocols. There are several problems we have to tackle: a. Handling multicast protocols. In many real-life situations, like for instance in wireless networks, an agent is asked to participate in a protocol together with a number of partners he does not know. Standard verification techniques cannot deal with the multicast case. b. Handling negotiation and payment. The challenge is to develop e-commerce protocols that are secure and fair, in the sense that no participant in the protocols has any advantage over the other participants. c. Handling security in variable road pricing. d. Improve the tool support for the verification of security protocols. We will devise and implement a tool that employs the constraint-based approach for modeling communication. Current techniques developed for protocol verification cannot easily deal with the case of multicast protocols. To deal with the verification of n-party fair exchange protocols, we intend to use methods that were developed for verifying parameterized distributed computer systems.

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Siemens Nederland: B. Goranov
Stevio: A. Helme

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D16200 Software, algorithms, control systems
D16300 Theoretical computer science

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