Wave-induced forces on moored ships


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Title Wave-induced forces on moored ships
Period 01 / 2003 - unknown
Status Completed
Research number OND1307338


In recent years research has been focused on the development of methods to calculate forces on a moored ship from wave model data. For the validation of these methods, a series of tests were performed in the multi-directional wave basin. In 2004 the measurements were reported in a memo and the data have been archived. Two methods for calculating forces on a ship due to waves were verified with these data.
One of the methods which were verified is the combination of DPRA (in the time domain) and transfer functions (theoretical relation between wave and force) in the frequency domain. DPRA uses time signals from a number of wave probes to derive the required information for the wave field. Revising the code (making it applicable for the present use) and the application/ verification of it based on the measured conditions has resulted in increased insight regarding the (future) operational application of this method. Additional tests with DPRA were performed based on calculations with the TRITON model (separate from the work described in the following paragraph). These tests showed that good results can be obtained provided a number of prerequisites are met. An abstract based on the results obtained in 2004 has been submitted for presentation at the WAVES 2005 conference in Madrid to be held in July of 2005. The verification of the second method for calculating wave forces on a ship, the coupling of TRITON ( WL / Delft Hydraulics) and Delmulti (TUD), was completed in 2004. Good agreement was found between the measured and the calculated forces on the ship for the studied cases. The results from this year and results obtained on this topic in previous years have been integrated into one report.

In 2004 the co-operation with the TUD in a Ph.D. project continued. The Ph.D. student is W. van der Molen of the Department of Hydraulic Engineering (Prof. Ligteringen), of the Faculty of Civil Engineering at Delft University of Technology. His project is entitled " Behaviour of Moored Ships in Harbours ". The co-operation consists of taking part in the project's user committee and providing additional information/data where required and possible.

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Project leader M.J.A. Borsboom
Project leader Ir. O.M. Weiler


D12100 Metrology, scientific instrumentation
D14210 Technical mechanics
D14232 Vessels
D14400 Civil engineering, building technology
D14430 Hydraulic engineering
D16200 Software, algorithms, control systems

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