JISC 2.3 Learning Activity Design in Education (Ladie)


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Title JISC 2.3 Learning Activity Design in Education (Ladie)
Period 04 / 2005 - 04 / 2006
Status Completed
Research number OND1308427
Data Supplier OUNL


The reference model for this domain must support two distinct stages: Learning Activity Authoring including the design and construction of learning activities and the discovery, specification, sequencing and packaging of content. Learning Activity Realisation including construction of the environment in which learning activities are to take place and execution of the learning activities themselves. Reference models range from general guidelines to precise specifications that can be supported by conformance tests. It is the intention of this project to work towards the latter type - a reference model that unambiguously supports different groups, independently developing to the same model in the expectation that their services will be interoperable. The reference model is expected to include the following components: - Overview - Acitivity Authoring - Activity Realisation The purpose of the overview will be to provide a plain language introduction to enable readers to understand the purpose of the reference model and the expertise required to use it and to implement it. The two other sections of the reference model will be similar in structure and will define how authoring and realisation can be attained through components or services. Each component will be described in detail using the format: Scope: In plain language, the scope of the component is clearly identified. This also includes listing relationships between this component and other components. (For example, one component might handle reuse of online discussions by subsequent cohorts of students.) Data model: Data models will define the semantic and syntactic structure of the data to be passed to this component and offered from this component. It is expected that the data models will largely be application profiles of existing specifications. (For example, the information structure for discussions and their threads, the personal information about contributors, and privacy restrictions on the use of the discussion.) Behavior: The behaviour of the component will be defined in terms of the input commands and parameters and the expected responses offered by the component. Behaviours will normally be in the form of Java or .netAPIs or web services definied by WSDL. (For example, the way in which a discussion can be definied and exported, or the way another system might import that discussion, including commands and specified configuration.) Data representation: The data representation will define the exact form that the data model must take, for example through schema definitions for XML. (For example, a schema which defines the data model and against which actual discussion files can be validated.)

Related organisations

Secretariat Welten institute (OU)

Other involved organisations

University of Southhampton, UK
University of Dundee
Intrallect Ltd
The Open University, UK
JISC (The Joint Information Systems Committee

Related people

Project leader Prof.dr. E.J.R. (Rob) Koper
Project leader Dr. C. Tattersall
Project leader Drs. F.J. de Vries


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