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Title Cooperation in a context of crisis: public-private management of marine fisheries in South Asia
Period 10 / 2003 - 06 / 2006
Status Completed
Dissertation Yes
Research number OND1308541
Data Supplier Projectleider


South Asian fisheries are at a turning point. Conditions of resource degradation and livelihood erosion common in fishing regions around the world are now also intensifying in Indian coastal areas. This project seeks to bolster growing efforts to redress these conditions by state and fisher actors in South Asia. The fulcrum of research attention is on the interaction of public and private spheres in South Asian fisheries management. In this focus, the research shares the contention of much recent fisheries management research that resolution of resource allocation dilemmas and responses to resource degradation rest on the effective institutional co-ordination of public and private stakeholders in co-management frameworks.In order to be able to make valid claims about the challenges of fisheries management in South Asia as a whole the project adopts an innovative comparative approach. The research team, which consists of economists, anthropologists, and a human geographer , will select representative districts from Gujarat, Goa, Kerala, Sri Lanka, Tamil Nadu, and Bangladesh. The most intensive part of the project's research agenda will be the gathering of data on current and historical conditions of fisheries management in these six districts. Each of the project's principal researchers will be responsible for one district. Subsequent to the compilation of resource management studies on the six districts will be workshops and electronic exchanges for the purpose of comparing findings. The resulting South Asia scale comparative data will provide the basis for discussions of co-management implications with key public and private user groups. In this way, it is expected that the project will make a seminal, locally appropriate, contribution to the reformulation of fisheries management in South Asia

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Other involved organisations

Cochin University of Science and Technology
University of Ruhuna (Sri Lanka)
York University (Canada)

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Project leader Dr. M. Bavinck


D18230 Fisheries
D63000 Cultural anthropology
D70000 Economics and Business Administration
E13000 Development studies

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