Lifestyle, Overweight and Diabetes


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Title Lifestyle, Overweight and Diabetes
Period 07 / 2005 - unknown
Status Completed
Research number OND1308928
Data Supplier website EMGO


Background Physical inactivity and overweight are two important modifiable factors contributing to the development of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. The program Lifestyle, Overweight and Diabetes (LOD) combines the expertise of the pathophysiology and epidemiology of metabolic and cardiovascular abnormalities, public health and prevention programs and the development of effective models of health care. Objectives Overweight and diabetes are two of the main public health problems of our society and are strongly linked to common determinants such as physical inactivity and poor dietary habits. This research program is aiming to curb the obesity and diabetes epidemics by identification of the primary lifestyle and biological determinants and efficient ways to improve lifestyle in the context of chronic disease management. Research topics 1. Pathophysiological research into determinants of overweight and diabetes. This includes biological, genetic and behavioral determinants and their interrelations. These issues are studied in prospective cohort studies as well as in clinical trials. 2. Prevention by modification of unhealthy lifestyles with a particular emphasis on improving diets and promoting physical activity. This is studied in different settings such as communities, schools and workplaces. 3. Effectiveness and efficiency of health care aimed at chronic disease management of obesity and type 2 diabetes mellitus. This is studied in general practice and academic workplaces with collaborations in primary care, occupational care, municipal health services and medical specialists.

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D21700 Physiology
D23220 Internal medicine
D24200 Health education, prevention
D24300 Nutrition

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