Factors affecting choice of sorghum cultivars in Bénin and impact of local...


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Title Factors affecting choice of sorghum cultivars in Bénin and impact of local and improved sorghum processing on (micro)nutrient supply
Period 10 / 2001 - 09 / 2006
Status Completed
Dissertation Yes
Research number OND1309868


The project contains three activities: (1) Assessment of factors affecting the choice of sorghum cultivars for consumption, processing and cultivation. A rapid rural appraisal followed by a survey of farmers and processors of sorghum in north Benin will yield information on the sorghum varieties used, the type of food made from them, and the frequency and seasonality of their consumption. The perception of quality of the varieties and of the processed products by producers, processors and consumers will be assessed. The socio-economic characteristics of the farmers and processors will be assessed as they might influence decisions in sorghum production and processing. (2) Analysis of representative sorghum processing and products. Raw materials and processed products will be chemically and microbiologically analysed. The process conditions, process input, and mass and micronutrient balances will be studied. Product sensory measures will be performed. (3) Impact of single unit operations and optimisation of traditional processing methods and product quality. Different steps in processing will be changed or introduced in order to investigate whether improvements can be made and if so where in the process and how. Improvement is defined as improving zinc and/or iron bioavailability in the final product without negative aspects on other food quality aspects such as taste, colour, firmness, macronutrients and food safety. Special attention will be given to microbiological quality

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Supervisor M.A.J.S. van Boekel
Supervisor M.J.R. Nout
Co-supervisor A.R. Linnemann
Researcher P.A.P. Kayodé
Project leader M.J.R. Nout
Doctoral/PhD student P.A.P. Kayodé

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D22100 Microbiology
D24300 Nutrition
E13000 Development studies

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