Technology Enhanced Learning Conformance - European Requirements and Testing (TELCERT)


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Titel Technology Enhanced Learning Conformance - European Requirements and Testing (TELCERT)
Looptijd 07 / 2004 - 06 / 2006
Status Afgesloten
Dissertatie Ja
Onderzoeknummer OND1310059
Leverancier gegevens OTEC

Samenvatting (EN)

In Technology Enhanced Learning, Conformance Testing is a key element in delivering the interoperability required to accelerate market take up of open technologies. Two barriers must be overcome however: 1) Developers are using novel technologies and techniques for which test strategies are not yet available; 2) The growing number of specifications and standards need localisation to meet cultural, pedagogical and organisational needs, and so will the tests. TELCERT will exploit state-of-the art research to define flexible testing strategies, using new development technologies and techniques (e.g. JAVA, UML, XML and new code/API stub generation tools) which can accommodate localisation, defined as user-community Application Profiles. The initial focus will be on content interoperability testing. The range of specifications available will allow the techniques developed to be readily applied in other Technology Enhanced Learning areas. A two-phase approach to implementation and validation of the test strategies will be used. This will allow early engagement with external communities with phase 1 testing capabilities, while undertaking research to deliver a more extensive testing capability in phase 2. Each phase will generate a suite of test tools and a corresponding Content Re-Engineering Tool, capable of generating compliant content. Sample content will be configured to fully exercise the test system against selected Application Profiles. The project will make a significant contribution to European and international adoption through public release of: 1) key documents e.g. user community Application Profiles, test criteria, Content Re-Engineering Tool design; 2) Content Re-Engineering Tool code extracts and the tool itself; 3) requirements gathering and dissemination through a series of workshops. The testing strategy research results will be applicable beyond the Technology Enhanced Learning domain, so TELCERT is committed to extensive publication of results and lessons learned.

Betrokken organisaties

Overige betrokken organisaties

The Open Group, United Kingdom
Eloki Ltd, United Kingdom
Bolton Institute, United Kingdom
UK eUniversities Worldwide Limited, United Kingdom
The European Institute for e-Learning, France
The University of Koblenz-Landau, Germany
The Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics, Germany
Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche / Instituto Di Scienza E Technologie Dell?Infornazione, Italy
Apple Computer International, Belgium
Ufi learndirect Ltd, United Kingdom

Betrokken personen

Onderzoeker O. O'Neill
Projectleider Prof.dr. E.J.R. (Rob) Koper
Projectleider Dr. R.J. Nadolski


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