Multispecies probiotics and antibiotic-associated side effects –...


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Title Multispecies probiotics and antibiotic-associated side effects – pathophysiological and clinical evidence
Period 04 / 2002 - 06 / 2010
Status Completed
Dissertation Yes
Research number OND1310092


Aim: In this project the effect of a multispecies probiotic on bacteriological, immunological and clinical parameters will be studied during as well as after antibiotic treatment. Special attention will be paid to both the composition and metabolic activity of the intestinal flora.

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Supervisor Prof.dr. R.W. Stockbrügger
Co-supervisor Dr. D.M.A.E. Jonkers
Co-supervisor Dr. E.E. Stobberingh
Doctoral/PhD student Dr. C.J.M. Koning


D21300 Biochemistry
D21800 Immunology, serology
D22100 Microbiology
D23220 Internal medicine
D24300 Nutrition

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