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Title NanoNed - nanotechnology research
Period 2005 - 99 / 2009
Status Completed
Research number OND1310307
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NanoNed, the Nanotechnology network in the Netherlands, is an initiative of eight knowledge institutes and Philips. It clusters the nanotechnology and enabling technology' strengths of the Dutch industrial and scientific nanotechnology knowledge infrastructure in a national network and enables a knowledge leap through strong research projects, an infrastructure investment program and economically relevant dissemination of the knowledge and expertise, resulting in high added value economic growth.
The objective of NanoNed is to generate a strategic impulse for the Dutch scientific and industrial knowledge position in nanotechnology.
NanoNed will:
- Maintain and strengthen the strong nanotechnology position of the involved scientific/industrial groups in the Netherlands;
- Ensure the future availability of well trained workers for Dutch knowledge driven industry;
- Strengthen the Dutch knowledge infrastructure through a comprehensive knowledge distribution/transfer approach, leading to industrial nanotechnology applications.
To this end the consortium partners of NanoNed have formed 11 interdisciplinary Flagship programs. Each Flagship is a vehicle for national cooperation between different partners including industry, and is lead by an independent scientific leader. The Flagships and their captains are:
- Advanced Nanoprobing (Speller, Nijmegen)
- Bottum-up Nano Electronics (Hadley, Delft)
- Chemistry and Physics of Individual Molecules (Feringa, Groningen)
- BioNanoSystems (Meijberg, Groningen)
- NanoElectronic Materials (Blank, Twente)
- NanoFabrication (Huskens, Twente)
- NanoFluidics (van den Berg, Twente)
- NanoInstrumentation (Bastein, TNO)
- NanoPhotonics (Polman, Amsterdam)
- NanoSpintronics (Koopmans, Eindhoven)
- Quantum Computation (Mooij, Delft)

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D12200 Theoretical physics, (quantum) mechanics
D12400 Elementary particle physics and nuclear physics
D12600 Atomic and molecular physics
D13700 Theoretical chemistry, quantum chemistry
D14100 Materials technology
D14320 Microelectronics
D21300 Biochemistry
E16000 Nanotechnology

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