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Title Index of Fungi Collaboration
Period 01 / 2003 - 12 / 2006
Status Completed
Research number OND1310374
Data Supplier Website Centraalbureau voor Schimmelcultures


Index of Fungi Collaboration has been established with CABI Bioscience to maintain the Index Fungorum as equal partners. This Index now contains about 300,000 names, (most on species or genus level, but also a number of intraspecific names). The quality of these data is variable; for many names only Saccardo has been followed, without any check or protologue data. The Index Fungorum will remain a nomenclatural database, but links with the CBS database (and others) will be made in the future. The first effort in the collaboration is the harmonization with the CBS Aphyllophorales database (33,600 names, protologue, status, nomenclatural and taxonomic synonyms, and many descriptions).

Related organisations

Other involved organisations

CAB International Bioscience, Egham (UK): P. Kirk
Landcare (New Zealand): J. Adams

Related people

Researcher Dr. G. Stegehuis
Project leader Dr. J.A. Stalpers


D21100 Bioinformatics, biomathematics
D22100 Microbiology
D22200 Biogeography, taxonomy

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