Energy conservation through behavioral change: examining the effectiveness...


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Title Energy conservation through behavioral change: examining the effectiveness of a tailor-made approach
Period 01 / 2002 - 12 / 2007
Status Completed
Dissertation Yes
Research number OND1311137
Data Supplier Promotor


Via a 'tailored' internetsite a sample of Dutch households are requested to try to achieve annual energy savings of 5%. After a recording of their activity pattern and an estimation of the associated energy use, specific suggestions are offered about behavioural changes whereby significant energy-savings could be achieved. In pre- and post-measurements, several socio-economic and psychological variables are assessed for an attempt to explain current energy use and the kind and degree of actual energy savings. The project group comprises psychologists, environmental scientists and ICT specialists.

Abstract (NL)

Ned. huishoudens worden via een internetsite 'op maat' benaderd met de uitnodiging om op jaarbasis 5% energie te besparen. Na registratie van hun activiteitenpatroon en inschatting van daarmee verbonden energiegebruik worden specifieke suggesties aangereikt over mogelijke gedragsveranderingen waardoor in totaal 5% minder energie zou worden gebruikt. In vóór- en nametingen worden zowel sociaal-economische als psychologische variabelen gemeten ter verklaring van energiegebruik en de gerealiseerde mate van energiebesparing. De projectgroep omvat psychologen, milieukundigen en ICT-ers.

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Supervisor Prof.dr. J.A. Rothengatter
Supervisor Prof.dr. C.A.J. Vlek
Project leader Prof.dr. E.M. Steg
Doctoral/PhD student Dr. W. Abrahamse


D14800 Energy
D51000 Psychology

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