Fundamentals of a new class of oxidation processes based on thermal and...


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Title Fundamentals of a new class of oxidation processes based on thermal and photo-catalysis in basic zeolites (TPC.6057
Period 09 / 2003 - 07 / 2007
Status Completed
Research number OND1311320
Data Supplier website Stichting Technische Wetenschappen STW


An efficient catalytic conversion from hydrocarbons to molecules that contain oxygen (oxygenates) has been since long a 'dream' reaction. For instance, alkanes that only have a net heating value could be converted to more functionalized molecules with a significant added value for application in chemical products and materials. Unfortunately, in practice a direct selective conversion is still not possible. During the nineties is was discovered that the desired reactions could be accomplished at low temperatures, even at ambient temperature, in Ca-modified zeolites. Oxygen and alkanes are probably activated by the electric field of the Ca2+ ions. However, the problem was that the resulting oxygenate is strongly adsorbed next to the Ca-ion and is unable leave the catalytic site. The aim of the research is to better understand how the Ca-zeolite catalyst functions, and on the basis of this information to find a solution for the problem of the removal of the products from the catalyst.

Abstract (NL)

Trefwoorden: Fotokatalyse, Katalyse, Oxidatie, Zeolieten.

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D13500 Physical chemistry
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