Development of Fishing Gears with Reduced Effects on the Environment (DEGREE)


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Title Development of Fishing Gears with Reduced Effects on the Environment (DEGREE)
Period 01 / 2006 - unknown
Status Completed
Research number OND1311822


Science requisite target group
International experts on fishing biology, fishing gear technology and fisheries economy

Research objectives:
Main objectives:
To develop new gears/fishing techniques (e.g. pulse trawling) that have a lower impact on benthic habitats,
To quantify the potential reduction of the physical impact as well as the negative effects on benthic communities,
To weigh the socio-economic consequences of these changes.

Results and products:
D 1 Project website
D 2 Project leaflet
D 3 Consortium Agreement
D 4 Physical model of seabed/gear component interactions
D 5 Ecological model of impact to benthic community based on gear/habitat type combinations
D 6 Scale models of trawl modifications
D 7 Video of flume tank model studies
D 8 Video with observations of bottom impacts of standard and modified gears
D 9 Prototypes of low impact gear
D 10 Interim Activity Report
D 11 Midterm reports
D 12 Final reports
D 13 Audit Certificates
D 14 Policy Implementation Plan
D 15 Scientific publication(s)
D 16 Dissemination DVD for non-specialists
D 17 Technical Data sheets for fishermen Meer over dit onderwerp Beschrijving Abstract Contact Projectleider Marlen, ir. B(Bob) van

Abstract (NL)

1. Ontwikkelen van nieuwe vistuigen of vistechnieken met verminderde impact op benthische habitats (voor Nederland: de pulskor),
2. Kwantificeren van mogelijke vermindering van fysische impact alswel de impact­vermindering door deze nieuwe vistuigen of technieken (voor Nederland: de pulskor) op benthische leefgemeen­schappen,
3. Bepalen van biologische en economische effecten van invoering van deze vistuigen en/of vistechnieken naast andere maatregelen, zoals gebiedssluiting.

Voor Nederland: rapport over de biologische en economische implicaties van de invoering van een pulskor in de Nederlandse kottersector.

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Researcher G.J. Piet
Project leader Ir. B. van Marlen

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D18230 Fisheries
D70000 Economics and Business Administration

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