Land and water ethics in Iran: Towards sustainable management and food security


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Title Land and water ethics in Iran: Towards sustainable management and food security
Period 09 / 2005 - 09 / 2009
Status Completed
Dissertation Yes
Research number OND1312533
Data Supplier Onderzoeker


Land degradation and water scarcity in Iran are the main problems threatening food security. The main challenges are to continue the expansion of food production to meet future demand without negative effects on the environment. To deal with the problem it will be needed to know how we arrived here and where should we going? In order to do so, use will be made of the three paradigms with respect to water resource management: pre-modern, industrial modernity and reflexive modernity. In this regards, the change from traditional to cash crops, the land reform of 1962 and the building of dams can be distinguished as elements that influenced the land and water management policy in Iran to shift from the pre-modern to the industrial modernity paradigm. Traditional agricultural systems that have been more compatible with the ecological condition of the country are increasingly being abandoned in favour of such ?modern? practices as the damming of rivers and the pumping of groundwater. However, the ideas underpinning industrial modernity were challenged during the 1960-70s that has come to be known as ?reflexive modernity? paradigm. In Iran there are also signs and indicators of a turn to the reflexive modernity paradigm in the 1990s. According to the brief outline of the reflexive modernity paradigm: 1) revitalization of traditional paradigm and 2) integration of this paradigm with industrial modernity, 3) in such a way that the benefits and advantages of both will be maintained as much as possible The research will a) develop an ethical framework that will fit the transition to such a reflexive paradigm b) examine the institutional requirements that are needed to accommodate this transition c) study the role of Soil and water science should play in this transition

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Supervisor Prof.dr. M.J.J.A.A. Korthals
Doctoral/PhD student M. Balali

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D18210 Agriculture and horticulture
D32000 Philosophy

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