Refresher Course 2005 "Spectroscopy and dynamic GIS modeling etc."


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Titel Refresher Course 2005 "Spectroscopy and dynamic GIS modeling etc."
Looptijd 09 / 2005 - onbekend
Status Afgesloten
Onderzoeknummer OND1312674

Samenvatting (EN)

The course centers on the state-of-art in geological remote sensing in combination with soil engineering and physics directed towards sustainable use of environment and natural resources. It combines the specialist knowledge in Earth Science fields with the latest insights in the fields of geo-information management and earth observation methods.
The objective of the course is:
- To create an expert body of Earth scientists capable of independently finding and using earth observation methodologies to address issues of management and monitoring of earth processes.
- To develop a conceptual framework for understanding the potential new sources of information from earth observation techniques and their applicability in Earth sciences.
- To assist in developing strategies for data acquisition directed toward the specific needs of earth scientists.
- To provide insight into where data can be retrieved and how data (field-based and earth observation data) can be integrated.
Upon completion of the course the participants will be able to:
- Use earth observation data and GIS as a toll to assess natural resources and environmental status of areas based on digital geo-data sets.
- Apply various methods of mapping and modelling environmental parameters using GIS software;
- Select data sets that are suitable for specific environmental studies.

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Projectleider Drs. T.M. Loran


D15700 Geodesie, fysische geografie
D16800 Simulatie, virtual reality
D18100 Exploitatie en beheer fysieke milieu
E13000 Ontwikkelingsstudies

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