Updrading Organic Coffee Quality in Ethiopia


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Titel Updrading Organic Coffee Quality in Ethiopia
Looptijd 06 / 2005 - 12 / 2007
Status Afgesloten
Onderzoeknummer OND1312698
Leverancier gegevens Agro Eco

Samenvatting (EN)

This is a two-year project with the aim to upgrade Ethiopian coffee to supreme standards. Certain areas in Ethiopia are selected to be included in the project to produce organic and some double certified (with Fair-trade) coffee. The intention is that through improvements in the agronomy and processing of the coffees superb coffees are produced for high-end markets. The producers will benefit through different types of premium prices.
Services provided by Agro Eco:
Extensive training in coffee quality improvement and setting up an extension system.

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Contactpersoon F.J. Koekoek (MSc)


D18210 Landbouw en tuinbouw
D70000 Economie en bedrijfskunde
E13000 Ontwikkelingsstudies

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