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Title ISIS (Individualized Support In Sequencing) - navigation support in learning networks using collaborative filtering and user profiling techniques
Period 01 / 2006 - 12 / 2007
Status Completed
Research number OND1312854
Data Supplier Projectleider


The ISIS project (Individualized Support In Sequencing) designs and develops new models and methods for effective way finding in learning networks, and test them within a series of advanced navigation services. Distributed learning networks currently need more learner-centred, adaptive navigation services that recommend the most suitable next activity and build-up the learning routes for learners dynamically. Outcomes: The outcomes of the project will support learners in composing most suitable learning routes (or competence development programmes), in order to achieve their (formal or informal) learning goals. These outcomes are focused on the integration of three areas of learning technology development (an interoperable learning route language, an interoperable competence description, and advanced navigation services) into personalised recommender systems that will support the definition and exchange of learning routes within a learning network. The products the project aims for are navigation services for learners (or personalised recommender systems), which support them in finding most suitable next activities, by feeding them back quantitative and qualitative information about available activities and routes in the learning network. A combination of social- (e.g., collaborative filtering) and information-based (e.g., metadata, folksonomies, ontologies) information matching techniques, and various recommendation strategies will be studied in various learning situations (e.g. both formal and informal learning). Later services will be based on specifications for the effective exchange of goals and routes.

Related organisations

Other involved organisations

TENCompetence project (Work Package 7: Competence Development Programmes led by L3S, Hannover
Work Package 4: Health Care pilot led by UPF, Barcelona)

Related people

Researcher E.J. van den Berg
Researcher Dr. A.J. Berlanga
Researcher Drs. N. Boers
Researcher Dr. H. Drachsler
Researcher Drs. J. Eshuis
Researcher Dr. R.J. Nadolski
Researcher Dr. W. Waterink
Project leader Dr. H.G.K. Hummel


D52000 Educational theory

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