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Titel Reflexive design
Looptijd 01 / 2006 - 12 / 2007
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We strive to contribute to a future situation in which government and societal actors know how system innovations can be managed more deliberately and effectively, and what different strategic roles they might take in this process. The specific contribution of this project to this is a further refinement of the methodology of reflexive design, especially the aspect of effective reformism.
- Data collection by document analysis and a two interviews per project with key actors, to establish a general chronology, and to identify milestones and obstacles [march-may 2006]
- First analysis, and condensation into intermediate products to be used in a shared session [may-june 2006]
- Shared session with interested key actors from both projects to elaborate on their experience with effective reformism. Intermediate products serve as discussion material, and will be tested at the same time. [june-sep 2006 (provisional)]
- Further data collection and interviews to elaborate on some of the milestones and obstacles. [aug/sept 2006]
- If considered desirable by the key actors, the intermediate products will be adapted for further use within the respective projects. [sep/oct 2006]
- Writing on draft papers for peer reviewed journal. [oct/dec 2006]
The project will investigate two projects of reflexive design, which both are currently in the phase of first adoption by stakeholders in the animal production sector: Welzwijn/Comfort Class stal and Houden van Hennen Kiemen voor Dynamiek . In order to succeed (i.e.: be adopted materially by a wider public), both projects have to deal with a range of structural, cultural and technical obstacles. Therefore, it is expected that both cases will provide with ample examples of attempts for effective reformism. Since both projects are still going on, they might directly benefit from the analysis and reflection done in this research project.
* The results thus will be both oriented towards the participants of the projects, as well as towards the scientific community:
- at least two intermediate reflections on the current status of the projects investigated [in Dutch, for instance september 2006, but also depending on the dynamics in the projects]
- one combined meeting and report of key actors from both projects to discuss their attempts for getting the idea out there , from the viewpoint of effective reformism.
- Two scientific papers ready for submission to a peer-reviewed journal in the field of innovation studies or science & technology studies, on the contextual practicalities of effective reformism in reflexive design projects [in English, december 2006]
- The material and papers produced will be used in for at least two chapters in in a scientific monograph on effective reformism & reflexive design, to be written in the period 2006-2009.

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Projectleider Dr. A.P. Bos

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