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Titel Wageningen School of Social Sciences (WASS)
Looptijd 09 / 2010 - onbekend
Status Lopend
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Wageningen School of Social Sciences (WASS) promotes top-quality research that increases our understanding of social processes and design practices around challenges and opportunities in the sphere of agriculture, food, health, environment and development. WASS provides a home for internationally oriented scholars with diverse disciplinary expertise and research traditions, and wishes to create an enabling environment for disciplinary, interdisciplinary and trans-disciplinary work. WASS strives to make high-quality academic contributions and also to critically engage in societal debates and contribute to societal problem solving and innovation. WASS offers in-depth PhD training that provides students with a suitable background for a career in academic and applied research, policy-making, or other leading societal positions.

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Contactpersoon A.P.J. Mol

Onderliggende lopende onderzoeksactiviteiten

Nature and adoption of Index-Based Livestock Insurance (IBLI) as a pro-poor climate risk management strategy in Ethiopia
Antecedents and outcomes of competence development in organisations
Sustainable entrepreneurship in higher education institutes
Women entrepreneurship in the informal sector in the North Benin
Volunteer Tourism
Using social entrepreneurs as successful change agents in responsible innovation to create sustainable city systems
Understanding the influence of environmental certification on international cooperation for tuna management in the WCPFC
Towards a male breadwinner society. Changing divisions of household tasks and consumption patterns in the Netherlands, 1830-1940
Technology Adoption to Reduce Food Insecurity: Empirical Evidence from DRC
Sustainable Ecosystem Management and User by Marine Communities in three exemplary regions
SUPURBFOOD - Towards Sustainable Modes of Urban and Peri-urban Food Provisioning
Strategies and Innovative Learning Approaches to Enhance Linkages between Universities, Communities, Government and Industry to Address Critical Societal and Economic Challenges
Social Media as the new playing field for the governance of sustainable agro-food systems: twitter hypes, controversies and stakeholders' strategies
Smallholder farmers entrepreneurship in Benin
Self Organisation for NRM: The Nasa case, a battle in the middle of the armed conflict
Scaling (up) in international development - an analysis of historical & philosophical roots and of its use in development policy & practice
Rural household food security in Uganda: Production efficiency, consumption and marketing decisions
Modelling social reality
Microfinance Infrastructure and Economic Development: Understanding Microfinance Institutions within their Operating Context
Market orientation and livelihood performance in subsistence economies: the case of Ethiopian poor pastoralists
Local institutions in the DRC
Local governance for food security in Ghana
Is Poverty Destiny? Exploring long term changes in African living standards in global perspective
Is poverty destiny? An investigation into African living standards from the end of the slave trade until the beginning of colonialism
Is poverty destiny? A new emperical foundation for long term African welfare analysis
Is poverty destiny?
Irrigation governance in the development of smallholder irrigated agriculture in Burkina Faso and Northern Ghana
International environmental standard and shrimp value chain in Thailand
Institutional capacity for MRV in REDD+
Improving longevity of dairy cows
Impact of technical and sanitary barriers on the Brazilian pork competitiveness
Farmer innovation systems: Agent-based modelling of farmers' social and economic decision-making regarding novel farm designs
Exploring strategies of state and non-state in the governance of oil and gas resource in Ghana: A study of an emerging policy field
Creating effective mechanisms for resolving trans-boundary water problems (based on the experience of the Americas and Europe) in Central Asia
Coordination in disease management: Panama disease in the Philoppines
Consumer perctions of issue-based positioning for socially responsible product innovations
Conductive sport environments for young people with problem behaviour
Competence Based Curriculum Development for the Horticulture Sub-Sector in Kenya
Changing Gender Roles: Women, Livelihoods and Post Conflict Challenges in Nepal
Building resilience community through the improvement of disaster governance in Indonesia
Between forced labour and market work. Javanese households, the allocation of labour and time, and consumption under colonial rule, 1830-1940
The establishment of land transactions during Dutch spatial planning projects. A study to the aspects that influence the considerations landowners make during land transactions
The social construction of institutional markets: The trajectory of the Brazilian School Feeding Programme
Understanding the different identities of the low cost drip irrigation technology in Burkina Faso
Value chain analyses of different fertilizer
Werken met onzekere risico's: een gedeelde verantwoordelijkheid. Een verkenning naar de toepassingsmogelijkheden voor risk governance in arbeidsorganisaties
The economics of marine biological change
The coevolutionary dynamics of institutions, trust and development in rural Bangladesh
Sustainability in food supply chains: a coevolutionary perspective
Sociale innovatie in regionale planning
Quality Controlled Logistics in a virtualizing global floricultural sector
Moroccan tourism: Colonial and post-colonial influences
Matching supply and demand side preference in food innovation: the case of the consumer
Integrating econometric and mathematical programming models into an amendable policy and market analysis tool using FADN database
Institutions and Development in Northern Uganda: An Experimental Approach
Institutional arrangement and dynamics in governance of non-timber forest products in Namibia
How Lack of Knowledge Shapes Consumer Attitudes toward New Technology and its Applications: The Case of Nanotechnology
Frontline health worker retension, motivation, morale and quality of Maternal and Child health service provision
Differential effects of time orientation for hedonic versus utilitarian food and physical activity
Developing strategies for value chains using an extended Structure-Conduct-Performance
Determinants of adoption of high yielding technologies among farmers in central Malawi: the case of groundnuts and soybean
Design of Logistics Systems for Sustainable Food Supply Chains
Critical theories of travel and landscape
Consumenten reacties op nieuwe technologieën
Complexiteitsdenken en Public Health
Assessing discursive practices associated with Terra Preta governance in Amazones state, Brazil
An integrated economic, social and environmental assessment of soy and beef supply chains in a Latin American-European context
A study into the factors related to the development of sustainable cocoa farming system in Indonesia
Time for storytelling
The impact of climate change on China's economy through the impact to water resources
Sustainable pesticide governance in flower and vegetable farms in Ethiopia
Socioeconomics of foot and mouth disease and its control in Ethiopia
Sensors in dairy farming, so what?
Ranking European cities: Methodological challenges & opportunities in measuring city greenness
PUREFOOD: Media, communication & sustainable food supply chains
Policies and institutions for agriculture development in Africa
Partnerships in conservation, tourism development and sustainable livelihoods in group ranches in Amboseli ecosystems, Kenya
Participatory knowledge production for European fisheries managment and policy development
Optimal climate adaptation policies under uncertainty and irreversibility for reducing in the risk of flooding in Jakarta
Network for Andean Postgraduate Programmes in Integrated Water
Multiple scales of water battles: agribusiness water accumulation processes, Corporate Social Responsibility, national governance and farmers? dynamics
Multi-stakeholder Processes in Sustainalbe Development
Multi-level actors decision making procesesses for national level policy agenda setting and formulation related to MDG 4 and 5 in Ghana
Households' Adaption to Climate Change: The Role of Flood Insurance and Self-Protection in the Mekong River Delta, Vietnam
Future-oriented integrated management of European forest landscapes (INTEGRAL)
Evolution of a Conservation Enterprise Strategy
Community based tourism in Mongolia
Ambitions and Everyday Life of Single Women Migrants in Accra, Ghana
Agricultural entrepreneurship in a changing environment
Wilderness experience and leadership development
Valorisation of raw materials and process efficiency
Understanding how obesity is perpetuated or resisted in different contexts
Understanding dynamics in global financial, informational and commodity flows on palm oil
Understanding and coping with food markets volatility towards more stable world and EU food systems
Towards sustainable and equitable palm oil: promoting sustainable pathways by exploring connections between flows, networks and systems at multiple levels
Total Factor Productivity Indexing of sustainability
The world behind the RAD maturity model for Sustainable Development (SD). Testing and co-creating an interactive tool for learning and innovation about SD in different contexts of government organisations
The social and economic stakes of certification: Who is benefiting? The case of cocoa in West-Africa
The Role of Product Category Order and Multiple Goal Management in Healthiness of Sequential Choices
The interaction between grassland ecological conservation and local livelihoods: a case of the Ke'erqin Nature Reserve
Social Economic performance and sustainable palm oil smallholders agribusiness in Indonesia
Rural climate-change adaptation in Bangladesh: strenghening flood resilient communities
Program on mning in DRC
Policies and practices in Ethiopian Seed Sector: Innovations to promote the development of vibrant and pluralistic seed sector
Partnership and institutional innovation: implication for Seed sector development in Ethiopia
Novel protein foods: what do elderly need, what do elderly want?
Multi-stakeholder interactions and legitimacy of the process of state-building in a war-stricken settings. The Easthern DR Congo case (Southern Kivu Province)
Multi level governance of Panama Disease
Linking climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction with floods: towards resilient deltas
Land regularization and prospects of improving rural livelihood in Tan
Knowledge based strategies for collective risk management, conservation and development in Wirikuta mining conflict
Institutional and Political Constraints for agricultural productivity in Afrika: State and local perspectives
How the approaches of learning alliances and adaptive management shape knowledge and technological change in rice farming communicties
Governance and accountability in the DRC mining sector
Global politics of pesticide regulation
Gender and accumulation of water by agribusiness companies in Peru
From visions to realities: The Ecovillage movement in Colombia
Food governance: new EU agendas of food and food security
Fisher level decision making in response to retail and brand strategies for sustainable tuna
Financing and robustness of sustainable pangasius production in Vietnam and price transmission along the chain
Farmers willingness to prevent and control disease
Assessment of Nutritional Water Productivity and improvement strategies for traditional leafy vegetables in South Africa
Arrangements for governance towards environmental sustainability and equity in Thailand
Analysis of policy options for livestock production in small and medium farms in southern Chile: a sustainable rural development tool
Analysis of local business model and critical success factors in integrated seed sector development of Ethiopia
Adopting Innovation in Sustainable Farming Systems
Academic Skills Training
The potential of internal and external alignment to improve environmental and business performance: an empirical study in the Dutchfood and drinks industry
Knowledge-based Sustainable vAlue-added food chains: innovative tooLs for monitoring ethical, environmental and Socio-economic impActs and implementing Eu-Latin America shared strategies (SALSA)
Evaluating Economic Policy Instruments for Sustainable Water Management in Europe
Public food procurement in Brazil
PureFood innovations in food supply chains
Urban Food strategies: comparing cities, policies and political discourses
Sacred nature and the politics of voice: How the Dongaria Kondhs fought for Niyamgiri and who fought with them
The role of Positive Deviance in catalysing endogenous development processes in the highland Andes of northern Ecuador
Greening the conventional chain: implementing the food industry's new sustainability criteria in primary production
Consumenten reacties op nieuwe technologieën
Societal debates on GM photosynthesis research
PUREFOOD: Consumers as drivers of innovation in new food networks
PUREFOOD: Food security and public procurement: Civil society-led school meal reform in Kampala, Uganda
PUREFOOD: Food insecurity and public action for municipal and rural resilience
Making economic sense of on-farm sensor application
Drip irrigation in Morocco from a users perspective
Consumers' moral decision making in the demand for animal-friendly products
The socialization of child soldiers within rebel groups
The System of Rice Intensification (SRI) as a social and technicalmovement in India
Managerial decision making and frontline health worker motivation,moral and attitude on quality of Maternal and Child related health service provision in Ghana
Institutional innovations, trust and social capital: A policy perspective
Balancing dioxin monitoring and the economic impact of food dioxin contamination
Evaluatie van de netwerken rondom de beweegkuur
Agricultural Knowledge Systems in Transition: Towards a more effective and efficient support of Learning and Innovation Networks for Sustainable Agriculture Project Acronym: SOLINSA
FOODLINKS: kennis makelen ter bevordering van duurzame productie en consumptie: samenwerking tussen wetenschappers, beleidsmakers en maatschappelijke organisaties
De rol van hulpmiddelen voor mensen met een functiebeperking in mechanismen van in- en uitsluiting
Morale, motivation and retention of staff providing MD4 and 5 relatedservices
The social significance of landownership in planning
Evaluatie van een landbouw programma in post-conflict Liberia
Landscape transitions induced by European policies
Stedelijke, randstedelijke en regionale voedseldynamieken: naar een geïntegreerde en territoriale benadering van voedsel
Synergy parks
Visies op natuur en publieke betrokkenheid bij natuur en natuurbeleid
Economie van bos en natuur
Carbonising forest governance in India? Analysing the consequences of REDD for accountability
Global policy and health systems research
Innovative perspectives in Dutch designscapes: from spaces ofrepresentation to "spaces of inspiration" for the creative industries
In vitro meat: why will we (not) want to eat it?
Assissing the economic impacts of the growing use of biomass on landuse and agri-food markets
African institutions and development: A game theoretical approach
Preparing African rice farmers against parasitic weeds in a changing environment
Economics of food choice and overweight
Healthy and environmentally-friendly behaviour: The role of pride, guilt and norms
Engaging science in dynamic decision making for the Wadden Sea -Science-policy interactions concerning the designation, management and use of Natura 2000 sites
Economic foundations of European land use models
European environmental law: national responses and local practices to Natura 2000 site management
Consumer attitudes towards nanotechnology
Zorgen over zorg
Making sense of climate impacts: Understanding and dealing with the variety of climate change frames in governance processes
Contribution of non-wood forest products to poverty alleviation and food security in central Africa - the cases of Gabon, Republic of Congo and Central African Republic
Institutional and policy aspects of Terra Preta (Nova) production,use and management
Assessment current and future impacts (economic, social and environmental) of parasitic weeds in SSA and acceptable strategies for their prevention and damage control in rainfed systems
Analyse van agrarisch- en plattelandsbeleid
Reforming university education in Uganda: Teaching staff cempetence and management
Governance of Non Timber Forest Products (NTFPs) in Namibia for promoting sustainable use and improved livelihood
Political ecology of land use change in southern Mexico
The role of trust, commitment and reframing in social learning
SEMIRA: Simulating the Emergent Impact of Regulations Across countries
Genomics and the production of commons: Open source as a method "togo beyond" public and private knowledge production
Enhancing equity and livelihoods in community forestry in Nepal: The role of an adaptive collaborative approach
Microcredit, micro insurance and exit strategies in developing countries (case studies of selected MFIs and coopertives in Ghana, Mali, Rwanda and Tanzania)
Teacher-student interaction in competence-based vocational education:evidence from Indonesia
Gender relationships and interactions for sustainability of ruralwater supply and sanitation programs (RWSSP) in local govt. authorities -rural Tanzania
Decentralization, gender and service delivery in local government authorities in Tanzania
Open Source, commons, and development - Institutional Arrangements
Absorptive capacity of academic spin-offs; the antecedents of absorptive capacity and how absortive capacity influences academic spin-off growth
Direct payments and public values: the response and contribution of farmers
On-farm economic decision making related to animal welfare
Tourism development in Thailand
Realities under construction: Exploring complexity in the building of Marine Protected Areas in Indonesia
Improving market position of the organic pork supply chain in The Netherlands by realising individual traceability
Spa tourism in Malaysia
Data governance for effective Marine Protected Areas
Understanding technology innovations for farmer livelihoods: Investigating the drivers for sustainably interfacing farmer innovations with science in the communal areas of Zimbabwe
Linking the Ghana school feeding programme to local networks of food provision: Current realities and potential synargies
The system of rice intensification (SRI) as a socio-economic and technical movement in India
Adaptive capacities, new technologies and the governance of climate change in metro-regions
The sensitivity of Bolivia's carbon cycle to climate change
Boundary work in rice agricultural systems: A village level technographic study of SRI-in-practice in Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh, India
Open source, commons and development
Ruimtelijke planning in combinatie met water (management) en klimaatvraagstukken
Krachtige praktijksimulaties voor competentieontwikkeling en leervragen in het groene beroepsonderwijs
Invasiviteit in het biodiversiteitsdebat: categorieën en gestandaardiseerde data in een netwerk rondom wild
Institutions in relation to quality management in value chain. The cases of shrimps and shea butter in Benin
Innovations in structure, coordination and support services in the South African deciduous fruit supply chain to improve market access for emerging entrepreneurs
Het ontwerpen van integratieve leerarrangementen
Healthy and sustainable food consumption: A multilevel lifestyle approach
Ethnobiology among peri-urban Mestizo and Schipibo-Conibo in the Peruvian Amazon
Ethical debates on naturalness
Effectieve communicatie over extra verzadigende voedingsmiddelen
Economische analyse van het plattelandsbeleid gericht op het gebruik van bosland door huishoudens in Vietnam
Economics of food production efficiency
Ecological and political modernisation in politically unstable regimes and conflict situations: the case of Pakistan
Developing entrepreneurship based on innovation for vegetable farmers
Design of sustainable logistics systems for plastic waste
Betrokkenheid en betekenisgeving aan het landschap. Activiteiten en motieven ten aanzien van het historische karakter van het landschap
Bestuurlijke aspecten van klimaatadaptatie, Thema 7, Kennis voor Klimaatprogramma
A study in to the stimulating and fostering factors for academic spin-off creation and growth
Understanding the emergence and spread of SRI in India: social network dynamics and institutional organisation
Transformation of food consumption in Accra: The emergence of fast food industry
The resilience of farmer-managed irrigation systems: How peasant communities deal with civil war and intervention policies in the Peruvian Andes
Promises and practices: the post-intervention phase and community based forest management
Power, peasant livelihoods and payment for watershed environmental services (PWES) in the Andes
Global forest and biodiversity governance
Biodiversa - BeFoFu - European Beech Forests for the Future; Ecological, economical, and policy analysis of beech forest conservation under the Natura 2000 Network
An interdisciplinary analysis of the combined effects of farm management and soil-biological processes in rice cultivation in Nepal
Afhankelijkheid en verzet: de rietsuikercultuur en duurzame ontwikkeling in het Spaanstalig Caraïbisch gebied (1840-1920)
Connecting micro and macro: bringing case-studies and model-based approaches together in analysing patterns of vulnerability to global environmental change
Supply chain structures and economic performance: Institutions and the "curse" of primary commodities
Presentation of conference papers with PowerPoint
Trust and planning for the implementation of Natura 2000
Comparative analysis of participatory approaches for scaling out and scaling up technologies for improving farmers' livelihoods: the role of information and communication mechanisms
Energy consumption and low carbon rural development in China
Social capital and people's well-being: A comparative investigation in Indonesia and in the Philippines
Returnee entrepreneurship and social media in South Sudan
Contrasting participatory approaches and social inclusion in rural development projects in the Bolivia of Evo Morales
Nutritional and environmental control of feed intake in fish
Technological learning in the flower sector: How do Ethiopian farms dvelop technological capabilities
Fuelwood around urban centers in Central Africa's tropical forestzone: Livelihood systems and sustainability along the fuelwood value chain of Kinshasa (Democratic Republic of Congo) and Yaoundé (Cameroon)
Institutional multiplicity in fragile states
Partnerschips in agricultural technology development, multiplication and dissemination. The case of banana tissue culture in Kenya
Tourism and gender in Tanzania
Tourism, livelihoods and conservation in Kenya
Enhancing food security in northern Ghana through smallholder small ruminant production
Technology as a tool for social engineering: The case of child labour in the cocoa industry of Ghana
The mechanism of exclusion/inclusion in the Malian Shea realm, performance and collective action
Market creation strategies for animal-friendly products
A Bayesian approach to comsumer-oriented new product development
Sustainable urban planning for ecosystems services and resilience
Convergence of Science, Strenghtening innovation systems in Ghana
An integral planning framework to support integration of ICT solutions in agro-food chains
Alledaags burgerschap. Grotestadsbewoners en de constructie van burgerschap
Re-building rural communities; humanitarian and emergency co-ordination in post-conflict situations (South Africa and separate development) - indigenous people and displacement
Urban vulnerability and violence in informal settlements in the global south
Understanding the effects of political networks on social transformations in (post) conflict/disaster countries. A study of the development and the role of risk management networks on social transform
Multifaceted learning and competence development for sustainable natural resources governance: Bridging university education and society
The governance capacity of local forest allocation in decentralized Vietnam
Sustainable use and transformation of natural resources for rural entrepreneurs: The case of red palm oil standards setting and enforcement in Ghana
Natural resource policy dynamics, power, and trust: Institutional performance of decentralized forest governance in Ethiopia
De ontwikkeling van het System van Rijst-Intensificatie (SRI) als een sociale beweging
The socio-technological configuration of sweet cherry production in South Patagonia and knowledge production and management in the value chain
Farmer's resilience and agency in the face of an agricultural burden: Anti-commodity production in colonial Zimbabwe c. 1890 - 1965
AIDS ecology and social adaptation : Making sense of an epidemic -The ecology of AIDS in Masaka District, Uganda, 1982-2008
Assessment of the quality assurance system in technical vacational education programs in Ethiopia
Ondernemend leren in de Nederlandse multifunctionele landbouw
De verbalisatie van cultuurlandschappen: onderzoek naar de meervoudige betekenissen van cultuurlandschappen in Nederland, en hoe deze worden uitgedrukt in taal
Understanding eco-dynamic designing in different governance settings: the case of marine infrastructural projects
The role of identity construction within the organisational practices and social mobilisation of the Brazilian Landless Rural Workers¿ Movement(MST)
Plattelandshuishoudens in transitie in Buryatia, Rusland
Naar een geïntegreerde bestrijding van besmettelijke dierziekten met de Euregio Nederland ? Noordrijn-Westfalen - Nedersaksen
Animal welfare: meanings, negotiations and conflicts in a global market
GIS-based economic decision support in pig production
The role of micro finance in alleviating poverty in Burundi and Rwanda
Environmental Risk Governance of the Baltic Sea (RISKGOV)
Transnational Climate Change Governance
Ontwikkeling van beslissingsondersteundende modellen ter verbetering van de verwaarding van melk in de melkverwerkende keten
Feminisering van de Chinese landbouw: een sociologische analyse
The role of transportation in narrative persuasion. Understanding the persuasive effects of a narrative based Entertainment-Education program aimed at the prevention of alcohol use among adolescents
Psychologische positionering van communicatie over plant genomics: De rol van context en manier van informatie verwerking
Connecting Supply Network and Portfolio Strategy
ISI Academy on Socio-economic recovery in fragile states
Triggering Coordination and Consolidation: assessing impacts of preferential policies aimed to enable bulking and post-harvest processing of smallholder farmers' produce in agri-food chains
Improving cocoa bean quality in Ghana
Allocating Canadian Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reductions amongst Sources and Provinces: Learning from Germany and the EU
Value added videos; effective communication tool for research and development (The use of participatory video in processes of social learning and development in Ghana)
Resilience of farmer managed irrigation systems in post-conflict regions
Consumers' moral decision making in the demand for animal-friendly products
De rol van grond en grondbeleid binnen gebiedsontwikkeling
Assessing entrepreneurial competencies of master students in the colleges of agriculture, Tehran University, Iran
Stimulating student learning through authentical practical learning environments
Tropical forests and climate change: developing a policy-oriented synergy for adaptation and mitigation in the Congo basin
Creation of space for a collective around Tertiary canals maintenance in Office du Niger (Mali)
Understanding inteded and automatic actions: a dual process view on energy balance-related behaviour
Ethnicity, trust and cooperation in post-conflict Liberia
Greenhouse horticultur in industrial-ecological clusters. Towards sustainability and collaboration in Flanders
Betekenis geven aan formele arrangementen in de praktijk - de casus van het Investeringsbudget Landelijk Gebied
Driving factors behind fishers' decision-making and livelihood strategies on Lake Victoria, Tanzania
De zekerstelling van waterrechten en middelen van bestaan. De uitdagingen van gemeenschap-overstijgende netwerken in Peru
Mijnen of minderheden? Sociale mobilisatie tegen mijnbouwbedrijven inPeru
De dynamiek van water beheer ontwikkeling en water zekerheid in het Pucara stroomgebied Bolivia
IS Academie Fragiele Staten
Consumentengedrag t.a.v. voeding en voedsel
Marketing management door kleine bedrijven
Attentieprocessen bij food labelling: perceptie en invloed op gebruik
Ocean and coastal governance
The practice and politics of governing biofuels in Africa and Asia
Understanding institutional linkages in agriculture R&D for enhancing innovation system performance in smallholder farming: Case studies on the role of intermediaries in the horticulture sectors in Kenya
Grasland degradatie en armoede: een case study in Mongolië
Scaling biodiversity data to serve governance needs: A sociological investigation of the transformation of biodiversiy records into usable knowledge and its implications for environmental governance
Nationaal beleid in gedecentraliseerde ruimtelijke planning
Sociale en ruimtelijke binding en de invloed van deze processen op zelforganisatie van mensen met betrekking tot hun leefomgeving en erfgoed
Transparency and information in environmental governance
Context dependent preferences
Contracteren in de voedselketen
Regionale samenwerkingsverbanden in het Nederlandse natuur- en plattelandsbeleid: tussen overheidsinstrument en zelfsturend netwerk
Sociale Evolutie
De bescherming van de Paramo hooglanden. Sociale mobilisatie gericht op de bescherming van het milieu in de Ecuadoraanse Andes
Gender als schaalprobleem
Rurale beelden en identiteiten
De rol van politieke adviescommissies in mariene beleidsconflicten
Contextueel waterbeheer
Institutionele veranderingen in de Centraal- en Oost-Europese agrovoedingssector
Logistieke Modellering van Varkensvlees-ketens; toepassing van kwaliteitsgestuurde logistiek voor duurzame ontwikkeling
Linking food aid and food security in Ethiopie (LEAFS) (B)
The role of farmer organization in the development of agricultural value chains
Het domestisch contract ontrafeld : een interdisciplinaire en multi-level benadering van mens-dierrelaties in de veehouderij, met casestudies in Nederlandse en Turkse contexten
Local government competition, strategic fiscal behavior and regional economic growth: the case of rising China
Forest land allocation policy and reality: an evidence-based approach study in Vietnam
Impacts of climate change on agriculture in Vietnam. How the farmers adapt to climate change?
From regional learning to "Learning Region": Capacity building, governance and knowledge systems
Transformation of food production in Ghana: The emergence of globalfood chains
Transformation of food production in Ghana: The empowerment of localfood networks
The emergence of an orthorexic society as a specific junction of technological, food and communicative developments
Firm and business network characteristics influencing export behaviour of SMEs in the non-traditional agricultural sector in Ghana
Socioeconomic and environmental impact of biofuel production: the case study in Vietnam
The right to food. A country study in the Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland
De sociale aspecten van robuuste productie systemen
Sociaal kapitaal en netwerk vorming van de organisaties van katoenboeren in Benin
Koppeling van sociale, economische en ecologische systemen op het platteland: landschapsbeheer en -inrichting ter vergroting van de ruraleveerkracht
Science policy interactions in nature conservation and rural policy in Poland
Institutional-Economic analysis of Sustainable Land Management
Innovation systems and the role of boundary spanners in forging space
Het gebruik van kleinschalige irrigatie technologieën in Ethiopie«: De invloed op agrarische commercialisatie en armoede
Competentieontwikkeling van basisschoolleerkrachten ten aanzien van natuur en techniekonderwijs: de invloed van twee typen professionele ontwikkeling programma's
De Governance van Natuur & de Natuur van Planning Discoursen
Het effectief betrekken van belanghebbenden in ?agri-food governance? en beleidsontwikkeling
Bevorderende en belemmerende factoren die de mate van competentiegerichtheid van opleidingen in het middelbaar beroepsonderwijs beïnvloeden
Financing forest conservation under the decentralized governance of natural resources in Indonesia
Consumer behaviour and food choices
Omgaan met onzekerheden in visbestanden onder kostbarekapitaalaanpassingen en hoge informatiekosten
Co-evolution and stretching of bio-physical and socio-institutional space
Policy integration on agricultural Non-Point Source Pollution(NPSP) control in China
Streekproducten voor Duurzame Plattelandsontwikkeling
Could the localized curriculum, which is the recent development of the basis school curriculum in Zambia, contribute to the objectives of poverty reduction and sustainable livelihood and how should te
Dynamics of Entitlements to Transition Zones Between Agro-Pastoraland Sylvo-Pastoral land in Semi-Arid and Sub-Humid Mali
Representations of pesticide risks and risk-reduction strategies in Costa Rica
The contribution of social capital in group formation and performance: The case of Dairy farmer groups in Kenya
Kaders en schalen; De consequenties van verschillende schaal frames op het besturen van complexe problemen
Voorraadbeheer van verse voedingsproducten
Research tools for health promotion: facilitating and evaluating community participation and intersectoral collaboration in community projects
Greening Agriculture in a Globalizing World: Networks and Policy Perspective in West Africa
Competentiegericht leren: een waardevol exportproduct voor Sub-SaharaAfrika?
The socila life of Lupine. Biotechnology, local knowledge, local networks, and food sovereignty in Ecuador
Tailoring food sciences to endogenous patterns of local food supply for future nutrition
Community driven reconstruction in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Ethical room for manoeuvre
Continuity and change in wild food gathering and use in Cuba with Economic Crisis and Relocalization. A study in New Ethnobotany
Determination of the role of heuristics in information processing associated with different food-related applications of nanotechnology
Netchain innovation for sustainable pork chains in an EU context
Community forestry management in protected areas of Vietnam
Integrated assessment models for agricultural systems: Micro-foundations, aggregation and market equilibrium
Local and international value chains: the viability of innovation networks and institutional arrangements
Technology horizons: theory and practice of integrative research
Publiek leiderschap en maatschappelijke innovatie
Rebuilding resilience in the coastal area (RESCOPAR). 2
Potential for enhancing rural poor livelihoods and forest management through multistakeholder processes. A case of selected collaborative forest management programmes in Tanzania
Information management in international chains
Learning for change in Lowland Rice Management in West Africa: Exploring Socio-Cultural and Institutional Context for technicl change and agrarian transformation
African Rice (Oryza glaberrima) in genetic and sociological perspective - a regional synoptic picture, with case studies in Ghana,Sierra Leone and The Gambia
African Rice (Oryza glaberrima) as a food security crop in and after armed conflict. Lessons from Sierra Leone
Organizational change of Small scale Producer Organizations, NonTimber Forest Products (NTFPs) in Veracruz, Mexico
Assessing the interplay between formal institutions in food security issues
Participatief beheer van het Naimina Enkiyio bos in het Loita Maasaisub-district, Kenya: conflict, interventie van buitenaf en lokale dynamiekvan verandering en continuiteit
Stakeholder' frames analysis in social learning and negotiation process: the case study of participatory forests management in Benin
Interaction and relational trust in policy networks for neighbourhood development projects: a communication perspective
African Rice (Oryza glaberrima) and Community identity - environment, culture and history in southern Ghana
Kennisbank Ondersteuning voor Collaboratief Onderzoek
Water rights, irrigation and livelihoods
River basin governance, water reforms and irrigation institutions
Water productivity, irrigation technologies and agro-ecology
Collaboration to organise a sustainable rural development MA programme in Flasco, Guatamala
Reconciling conservation and local livelihoods - a gender and socio-economic analysis of household responses to resource scarcity on common property lands
The consequences of commodification for homegarden ecology and economic/material, cultural, and social functions and values for a peasant community in Central America
Essays on supply and quality water in Indonesia
Tourism and Sustainable development
Understanding farmers' knowledge about crop diversity: Implications for crop evolution and rural development in contemporary Mexico
Processes of multiple identification of Turkish migrants in the Netherlands
Research in Commodity Futures & Options Markets
Enhancing agricultural service delivery through the development and institutionalization of an efficient innovation system in rural areas of South Africa
History of the rice genome
Risk, culture, and political ecology: shifting representations of pest control methods
Transparency in the pork supply chain: comparing chain configurations in different societal contexts
Ruimte in transitie: planning, kennis en actie in het metropolitanelandschap
De sociale organisatie van boerderij-innovatie: kennissystemen, commodisering en onderzoeknetwerken in Benin
Widowhood, HIV/AIDS, and food security in Kagera Region, Tanzania: An ethnographic analysis
Het ontwikkelings-web. De rol van plattelandsledenorganisaties in ontwikkeling in de context van globalisering van de economie
Tussen kosten-baten-analyse en maatschappelijke waarden
Interface of client and extension service delivery: scaling up participatory extension approaches towards enhancing community emancipation in South Africa
Competing claims, competing discourses - a case of the Soutpansberg area of South Africa
Food insecurity and vulnerability: the long term effects of ecological and political stress in the Sahel. The case of the Guera in central Chad
Economic aspects of resource management
Farm economic analysis of technical and institutional developments in animal farming
Business economics in agrifood chains
From surface to sprinkler irrigation: technology shifts and rural livehioods in the Andes
The role of irrigation interventions in endogenous development in the Andean Region of Bolivia
Nature for and with people; How to deal with different knowledges,values and views of nature and recreation and tourism policy and management?
Pro-poor sustainable tourism development in rural areas of Nepal.Tourism, poverty reduction, rural development, complexity and actor-network theory
Lost cultural landscapes in the border area of Flanders and The Netherlands. . . . . (B)
Competitie in de voedingsketen onder druk
The changing face of agriculture: applied econometric analyses
Nature policy in transition: towards a new system of joined control
How consumers evaluate large choice sets and make choice from these sets
Resource-advantage theory and organizational pricing practices
Risk management in agricultural production and food safety
Economics of international agricultural chains
Financial behaviour and time preference
Consumer concerns with respect to food and nutrition
Choice and evaluation of multiple consumption events
Participatie voor het versterken van het cassave onderzoek en de ontwikkeling in Oeganda
Gendered participation in water management in Nepal: discourses, policies and practices
Strategieen voor duurzame ruimtelijke ontwikkeling in metropolitane gebieden
Convergence of sciences: developing inclusive methodologies for integrated soil and crop management
Delta research: Interactive interdisciplinary and area specific
Vertical integration of planning problems in production chains.
Consumentenvoorkeuren voor producten en diensten uit landbouwketens
Globalisering van het milieu
Rurale ontwikkeling in centraal- en oosteuropese gebieden.
Changing economics of land-use: the influence of labor and product markets on development paths.
Normatieve aspecten van consumentenzorgen
Land use, agricultural structure, wildlife and landscape policy
Internationaal Ketenmanagement
Internationale studiegroep meervoudige inrichting en beheer van landelijke gebieden (entameren, begeleiden en publiceren van studies).


D18210 Landbouw en tuinbouw
D60000 Sociale wetenschappen
D61000 Sociologie
D70000 Economie en bedrijfskunde

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