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Title Reconciling conservation and local livelihoods - a gender and socio-economic analysis of household responses to resource scarcity on common property lands
Period 07 / 2006 - unknown
Status Current
Research number OND1313946


In a context where a forestry programme has resulted in large-scale forest conservation among Mayan communities in Mexico, the research will examine in-depth how especially vulnerable households and individuals respond to and are affected by resource declines resulting in part from conservation efforts, focusing specifically on the case of fuelwood. The research will examine how fuelwood collection strategies differ among households according to wealth, livelihood strategy and headship, and among individuals, in particular by gender and age; whether collection rights for fuelwood in common property forests vs. agricultural fields changed over time, and how this affects households' and individuals' fuelwood access; and which types of households or individuals are most vulnerable to increased fuelwood scarcity and what the implications are for reconciling local livelihoods and community-based conservation.

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Researcher S. Dale
Project leader Prof.dr. P.L. Howard

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D61000 Sociology
D69000 Gender studies
E13000 Development studies

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